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Comment: DVD viewing rooms (Score 1) 547

by bravo369 (#42021483) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Make a DVD-Rental Store More Relevant?
I think DVD rentals will be dead in a few years if not already however if you are not going to supplement inventory with something else, like a coffe lounge or other products like people mentioned, how about DVD viewing rooms for people rent. Perhaps couches and nice TV's out in the open so people can watch it in the store. Have options where they can upgrade to private rooms for up to 12 people with stadium seating, popcorn, soda machine etc. Many audiophiles will have a crazy home setup but many people don't so they may be willing to rent a DVD and then watch it in these rooms. Kid's maybe will have b-day parties there

Comment: Re:Apple is a MUCH worse offender (Score 1) 245

by bravo369 (#41836147) Attached to: Windows Browser Ballot Glitch Cost Firefox 6-9 Million Downloads
I came to post the same thing. The browser is a free download. I don't get what the big deal is. Install Firefox on your own which you can since MS does nothing ot stop you. I wish I could do the same on an iphone and iPad. No, I'm stuck installing what Apple says I can install. How about the developers that have to give 30% of each purchase to Apple.

Comment: Block the supporter's sites (Score 1) 507

by bravo369 (#38566970) Attached to: Net Companies Consider the "Nuclear Option" To Combat SOPA
I think Google and Facebook have the biggest advantage here. Why don't they remove and/or block all pages and searches for those supporting SOPA. Let them see how SOPA will affect the internet. If campaign contributions can be made through Paypal, start blocking them in protest.

Comment: Juries want information (Score 2, Interesting) 517

by bravo369 (#29457469) Attached to: Lawyer Demands Jury Stops Googling
I served on a jury for a drug case. It ended up in plea bargain by the 2nd day but we found out afterwards that the guy had 9 priors for drug possession and dealing. That would have been nice to know but of course it was never brought up. You can't dispute facts. I don't think it would sway me as long as the facts back up the accusation the whole process really opened my eyes that the jury system needs some revamping. Everyone claimed financial hardships or that they have babies/elderly to take care of so all that was left on the jury was people in good jobs or retired. they wouldn't let us take notes either and many don't. that's a problem to me. I may have a question or something strikes me as a half-truth but i can forget it by the end. juries should be able to ask questions of the witnesses and some states allow it, others don't. I also feel the accused should HAVE to take the stand. if they want to plead the fifth then let them do that on the stand but let the jury hear the questions from the defense and prosecution along with the answers/half answers/pleading the 5th.

Comment: Re:The salient point : (Score 1) 202

by bravo369 (#29284595) Attached to: Web Hosts Hit With $32 Million Judgment For Content
I won't argue that LV told the ISP but was a court injunction ordered by the court? was the guy found guilty yet? I would be very hesitant to take the word of a 3rd party without any legal documentation to back it up. You cannot really say that the ISP had clear knowledge. They just had clear knowledge of what they were told. Let the court decide and then let the ISP comply with a takedown. This is the type of thing the RIAA wants to do with a 3 strikes law in which under no proof, just the word of the RIAA, they want the ISP to cut internet access to the user.

Comment: reverse capitalism (Score 1) 621

by bravo369 (#27697901) Attached to: Time Warner Cable Won't Compete, Seeks Legislation
Someone needs to tell TWC how capitalism is supposed to work. The city came to them and told them they want and need a better ISP. TWC, rather than listen to customers and improve their systems, they left their network the way it was. so now that the city has other options, capitalism means that twc should improve their network, provide more service at a competive price. if you want to leave things the way they are then of course people are going to look elsewhere

Comment: what does this solve? (Score 1) 479

by bravo369 (#27537949) Attached to: Time Warner To Offer Unlimited Bandwidth For $150
what does this solve other than give Time Warner more money? If the high users sign up for the high end and the low end people sign up for the cheap deal, people are still suffering from slow connections. this doesnt' address it. likewise, what if EVERYONE signs up for the $150 plan. people are using what they pay for, network is still slow, Timewarner does nothing to improve it, and just bask in the increased profits. what incentive does any ISP have to improve their network if they are making money off the tiers of service.

Comment: Re:What a good idea (Score 5, Insightful) 426

by bravo369 (#27358969) Attached to: Senator Proposes Nonprofit Status For Newspapers
I don't think balanced reporting is a myth, it just doesn't seem to exist anymore. It's supposed to be a news column, not an editorial. To use your example about reporting on the Democratic convention, why would it be so hard to report who was there, sequence of events, and what the person said. whether you agree with it or not shouldn't play any part in doing your job as a news reporter. What one side considers a joke the other side considers an insult..example being the 'lipstick on a pig' comment during the election. The quote should be in the NEWS article and the editorial should give the viewpoint that it was insulting or whatever they want to say. and yes it can be a natural bias that creeps through but then shouldn't the editor be demanding the reporters stick to the facts. if not then what good are they.

Comment: juries need information and an overhaul (Score 1) 414

by bravo369 (#27250607) Attached to: Internet-Caused Mistrials Are On the Rise
People are used to having information at their fingertips and this is no different. They want ALL the information before they decide to send a guy to jail for 20 years. Facts are facts and let the jury decide what counts and what doesn't. I sat on a jury where a guy was accused of dealing drugs. we sat through 2 days of testimony and witnesses before the 2 sides agreed to a plea deal. it wasn't until AFTER that he told us this defendant was arrested and convited 8 times for the same offense. seriously, how is that not relevent in the case? character counts and like i said, facts are facts and him being arrested 8 times is a FACT i need to make my decision but the court decides to hide. anyway, i'm starting to think the whole jury system needs an overhaul. When i served on the afore mentioned drug case, they dismissed jurors who I thought would make great jurors. people who admitted to using drugs in the past, people who's sons were used drugs, an ex-cop type person (wasn't a cop but worked for the police dept before retiring) who would have been great to have because part of the crossexamination was picking apart the cop's procedure. They also dismissed everyone who claimed financial hardship so all that was left on the jury were people with good jobs, retired or owned their own businesses. that was a jury of the guy's peers. then speaking of dismissing jurors who actually know stuff, if a case involves a computer crime then what is the point of having someone on the jury who doesn't even know how to turn one on but that's who gets on. They can't see through the BS spewed by BOTH sides. so they fill juries with blind, inept people who can't pick out this from that in the testimony and now courts are complaining that people have the AUDACITY to actually educate themselves in order to make an informed decision. please. time to bring the court system back from the dark ages.

Comment: keep taking away (Score 2, Insightful) 250

by bravo369 (#27196221) Attached to: Blockbuster Total Access Unannounced Policy Change
I had blockbuster a year or 2 ago. It was great. then they knocked down my weekly free coupons to 2 per month. then they took them away completely. then they raise the price. i think i left at that point but since then I believe they started limiting how many in store exchanges you can do to 3 per month, raised prices yet again, and now returning to the store doesn't even send out the next movie. really...what good is blockbuster? why would anyone want it over netflix? if blockbuster's plan is to drive away all customers so they can declare bankruptcy then it's working. I'm no CEO but i would think you would try to build brand loyalty and bring in more customer rather than lose the ones you already have.

Comment: Re:RIAA doesn't need every ISP to join (Score 1) 542

by bravo369 (#26211369) Attached to: The RIAA's Rocky Road Ahead
what we want RIAA to do is change their business model. it's not working. it's evident to everyone except the RIAA. We also kinda ask for real proof of the charges rather than just an IP. Also stop suing for exorbitant fees. share 10 songs and have to pay $220,000? it doesn't add up. I read an article that showed fines for file sharing dished out so far are over 10x as large as fines for REAL crimes.

Comment: affect on universities? (Score 2, Interesting) 619

by bravo369 (#26172161) Attached to: RIAA To Stop Prosecuting Individual File Sharers
How does this affect their campaign against colleges? i know there was an article in which RIAA wanted to extort money from colleges and agree not to sue them but what if colleges say no. is the ISP going to shut down internet access to the entire university if the RIAA asks for it?

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