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Comment: I know the first version especially was rough (Score 0) 337

by bravecanadian (#47646059) Attached to: Microsoft Surface Drowning?

But I bought a Surface 2 and a docking station to use a larger monitor / kb / mouse while at my desk.

I like the flexibility of it quite a bit - switching between the full desktop mode with dock, tablet, and being able to write with a stylus and use OneNote all on one device without having to sync this that and the other thing (except backup to the cloud of course!)

Comment: I still can't for the life of me (Score 4, Interesting) 285

by bravecanadian (#47502945) Attached to: How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

figure out why they are doing this in schools... everywhere...

Why do educators and parents think that just *having* these devices will be some sort of educational silver bullet?

It is much more important to figure out where they have the best value educationally and how to then integrate those benefits into the curriculum.

They always seem to have the cart before the horse.

Comment: This is very misleading. (Score 3, Informative) 69

It is great that they make the govt do what they are *supposed* to have to do to get your data.. but look at their privacy policies for everything else!

None. None. of these companies "have your back" as far as protecting your private information.

Most of them have business models based completely on collecting, using and selling it.

I'd be shocked if the govt didn't have a couple of advertising front companies that simply buy the data rather than request it officially.

Comment: What a joke (Score 1) 303

by bravecanadian (#46878545) Attached to: SEC Chair On HFT: 'The Markets Are Not Rigged'

Then again when the regulators have been gutted,bought off, and have former (and soon to be again) Wall Street insiders running them, what do you expect?

The industry is practically self regulated now, an oxymoron of course, which is to say: they aren't regulated.

Free markets will solve all -- except of course when our extreme greed causes the excrement to hit the fan and then it is time for the taxpayer to pony up. Bonuses!

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