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Comment Re:This is why.. (Score 2) 345

Exactly. Something like 50% of new drugs are developed by research at universities - funded by our tax dollars - and they turn around and sell the rights to a pharma company who then charges us a high price for that drug that we already subsidized the development of.

I've read about this happening and there should be more control over the rights to the results of public research.

I know the argument always given is that someone has to produce the actual products of the research and the pharma company is already equipped to do so.. but the margins on those products should certainly be very limited for the public good.

Comment IT is managed poorly in most organizations (Score 2) 85

This isn't news to anyone in the trenches.

In most companies that I have seen whose business was not technology related, the management treats IT like the computer janitors and incentivizes managers with the wrong things - almost always short term cost cutting at long term expense - all the time.

Some time later the long term expense kicks in to fix all the issues the initial cost cutting created and then we start the cycle over again.

Comment I'm not a Millenial or an American (Score 1) 686

But I believe that Snowden is a hero for exposing the incredible scope that these programs have not only in America but in allied nations.

The thing that I hate is how little change has been made since the reveal. I thought it would be torch and pitchfork time but unless something directly and immediately affects people they just don't seem to care.

Comment I know the first version especially was rough (Score 0) 337

But I bought a Surface 2 and a docking station to use a larger monitor / kb / mouse while at my desk.

I like the flexibility of it quite a bit - switching between the full desktop mode with dock, tablet, and being able to write with a stylus and use OneNote all on one device without having to sync this that and the other thing (except backup to the cloud of course!)

Comment I still can't for the life of me (Score 4, Interesting) 285

figure out why they are doing this in schools... everywhere...

Why do educators and parents think that just *having* these devices will be some sort of educational silver bullet?

It is much more important to figure out where they have the best value educationally and how to then integrate those benefits into the curriculum.

They always seem to have the cart before the horse.

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