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Comment: Re:So everything is protected by a 4 digit passcod (Score 4, Informative) 503

by brantondaveperson (#47941053) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police


I know you guys hate Apple, and that's fine. But do try to use your brain a little bit. Do you honestly believe that the flash storage is encrypted with a 4-digit numeric key? Of course it isn't, it's encrypted with a 256-bit AES key that's generated using a per-device hardware key and the passcode (which can be much longer than a 4-digit pin if you can be bothered to type it in every time you use the phone). If you pull the hardware out of the phone, then this is the key you're going to be cracking.

Good luck with that.

Comment: Re:911 was down for us Friday night (Score 1) 609

Not that I disagree completely, I'd personally love to see an sd card slot on a ipad, but there are reasons other than 'fleecing people out of money'. There's software reasons (how does the software handle the sdcard being removed / inserted. Do I provide UI to format the SD card? What data should I store on there? Should it appear as a separate storage area, or be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the storage?). There's hardware reasons (where does the slot go? Should it have a cover? Board space etc etc).

And people 'fall for it' because they want a straightforwards user experience, not one that involves plugging little fiddly things into little fiddly slots, and having to worry about how to copy all their data to their new larger sdcard (for instance). None of the nexus line of tablets have sdcard slots, for instance.

Remember that all of the internal storage of an ipad is encrypted, so even if they did have an sdcard slot you wouldn't be able to use it to transfer files. I'd love to see expandable storage on an ipad, my kids are always running out of room on theirs (although it does give me a good excuse to delete their games to make room for their schoolwork :) ).

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From the video, they were 5GBP, or 9AUD (8USD). I don't know, it seems pretty cheap to me. In the photo there's a charger with four separate USB outlets, which was going for $25AUD (23USD). I guess the point it though that when it comes to those tiny phone chargers, I'm going for the legit ones and hang the cost.

Also you're comparing US prices to Australian prices, and I'm pretty sure that consumer electronics stuff is alot cheaper generally in the US (for whatever reason).

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No - in reality if regulation of cabs is removed, the worst of them will dominate in the short term ($5 cheaper you say! I'm in!) - until their unmaintained and dangerous vehicles cause a serious accident. And then the regulation will be re-introduced amidst a public outcry, and we'll be back where we started from.

Would you deregulate the airline industry too?

Comment: Re: Can we please cann these companies what they a (Score 2) 288

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Almost all of law is based on the 'why'. If you kill someone, it starts to really matter 'why'. On purpose? By accident? For profit? All very different scenarios, and treated differently under the law.

Right - guilty mind. "Why" matters.

Giving your friend a lift is different from organising a car pooling system at work, which is different again from creating a business around sharing rides. All the same 'X', but different 'why's'.

Let's say you have kids, and they misbehave - or fight - or get out of bed wailing in the middle of the night. The 'Why' really matters, doesn't it?

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Pretty sure there isn't a "whole market just waiting for" Nerf Deathmatch.

Actually, there very probably is. Deathmatch without the completely-unnecassary-anyway blood splatters. Fun weapons that cover you in goo, or shrink you to a tiny size, or whatever. Stuff you can play with your kids without the whole simulated murder thing going on. And yes I know we should all be outside climbing trees and/or inside singing songs around the piano, but video games can be quite fun.

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