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Comment Re:Seriously... (Score 1) 245 245

Well, yes, it would obviously be difficult to objectively test for a subjective property such as whether or not one's drawing is any good. Especially with art, since it's largely a matter of the amount of talent that a particular student has, rather than the teaching ability of their tutors. It's not something that should be tested. Are you seriously suggesting that it should be? In a standardised way. Such that the results are used to grade the school and/or the teachers?

Here's my drawing. Eyes in the middle of the face. Check. Do I pass?
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Comment Re:Seriously... (Score 1) 245 245

Do you have children? A serious question, because I cannot imagine how someone who has children in the school system can possibly ask such question.

Schools should teach reading and writing and maths (not just arithmetic either, but actual maths - that's another story). These things can to an extent be tested - though two of my children suffer severe dyslexia and will always score low on both of the former metrics. Should the teacher be penalised for this? Should they?

They should also teach how to be a good student, how to resolve issues that arise in the classroom or the playground, how to not be a bully, how to deal with a bully should they encounter one, how to deal with authority figures other than their parents, how to play sports, how to cope with losing at sports, and to graciously win, how to play music, or draw, or paint, or make animations, or whatever creative outlet gives them the most fulfilment.

Seems to me that the things that cannot be tested far outnumber the things that can.

Comment Re: Translation (Score 1) 213 213

about 80% there, i'd say.

Until there's background noise, or you have a slightly weird accent, or a speech impediment, or talk a bit fast, or a bit too slow, or push the 'listen to me now' button a bit late. So it's about 80% there in about 20% of cases.

a calculator

A calculator? On my wrist!!? What is this, the future??

A guitar tuner

Actually, that sounds quite useful... Sorry about the watch thing...

Comment Re:Droids? (Score 1) 504 504

It's perfectly simple. They're slaves. Many other narratives that occupy the same class of universe - which normally means people running around with swords accompanied by wizards - also feature slaves. There's no overt or even sub-textual racism here, R2 and 3PO are pretty diverse just by themselves, to say nothing of the other driods that appear in the background.

Just as most, if not all (Game of Thrones notwithstanding) swords-n-sorcery epics do not concern themselves with the emancipation of slaves, neither does Star Wars. I don't think it's any the lesser for it.

Looking slightly further, perhaps the thesis is that 'artificial life is no life at all', and the droid's apparent emotions are just programmed responses designed to make the robots easier for humans to work with.

These questions we may one day face ourselves.

Comment Re:iOS is toys, OS X is Unix. Learn the difference (Score 1) 360 360

Again with the unsubstantiated claims. What fundamentals of computer science does Apple ignore? Algorithmic complexities? What standards of computer science do they ignore? Actually, I can't think of any standards of computer science.

And why is performing someone else's music necassarily anti-art (for lack of a better term, sorry)? People have done so throughout the centuries, and in fact performing one's own music is a relatively new idea. Actors do not generally speak their own words, nor do dancers typically perform their own moves. Janis Joplin didn't write this, but if you can listen to it without being moved then you're a tougher person than me.

Anyway, arguing musical tastes is pointless, but I will say that one should not generally dismiss entire genres because 'auto-tune' or 'not-original'.

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