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Google Rolls Out Encrypted Web Search Option 176

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the step-in-the-right-direction dept.
KirinMercury writes "Google began offering an encrypted option for Web searchers on Friday and said it planned to roll it out for all of its services eventually. People who want to use the more secure search option can type 'https://www.google.com' into their browser, scrambling the connection so the words and phrases they search on, and the results that Google displays, will be protected from interception." Note that you need the 'www' for it to work. Dropping it redirects you to a non-ssl page. You might have read this on Saturday, but if you missed it, it's still worth knowing.

Comment: It should be released and under a free licence! (Score 3, Interesting) 505

by bramp (#31071946) Attached to: Call For Scientific Research Code To Be Released
I've always been a big fan of releasing my academic work under a BSD licence. My work is funded by the taxpayers, so I think the taxpayers should be able to do what they like with my software. So I fully agree that all software should be released. It is not always enough to just publish a paper, but you should release your code so others can fully review the accuracy of your work.

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