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Comment: Inaccurate reportb (Score 1) 331

by brajbir (#29429063) Attached to: IBM Policy Switches From MS Office To OO.o
The post is a little inaccurate. 1/3rd HAVE NOT been asked to use lotus symphony. Old timers, who joined the company before have the license to use M$ office. However, anyone who joins new will not be able to use m$, and will have to use OO or Symphony. Also, this is nothing new. As far as I know, this has been going on for some time in IBM (about a year???)

+ - Chandrayaan confirms Apollo did really go to moon->

Submitted by
brajbir writes "Chandrayaan junked all the conspiracy theories that NASA pulled the worlds biggest hoax with its moon mission. The Times of India reports that Chandrayaan sent images of the Apollo 15 landing site, thereby confirming that NASA did really go to the moon."
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+ - Alien birds may be the last hope for Hawaiian plan-> 1

Submitted by
brajbir writes "Alien birds, it seems, may be the last hope for Hawaiian plants. Most of the native birds of Hawaii feed on nectar nectar or invertebrates, contributing little to seed dispersion. Many of the alien birds, introduced by humans, are fruit eating, thereby facilitating seed dispersion. Hawaii is one of the most invaded places in the world, in terms of foreign species. More than 4,600 plant and 140 bird species have been introduced by human activity, with at least 58 types of bird establishing permanent breeding populations there. Most land birds in Hawaii are now exotic. Is it best to have all invasives removed, even if that means severing the link between seeds and their current dispersers? Or is it best to keep invasive birds and all the trouble they cause? Returning Hawaii to her natural state is not attainable, but ironically, exotic birds appear to be helping.""
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+ - AIX Open Beta released->

Submitted by x029
x029 (1109999) writes "This first ever open beta for a new release of AIX is intended to give clients the opportunity to gain early experience with this new release of AIX prior to the general availability of AIX 6. This open beta can be run on any IBM System p or eServer pSeries system that is based on POWER4, PPC970, POWER5 or POWER6 processors.
Key features AIX 6 includes are Workload Partitions, Role Based Access Control, AIX Security Expert LDAP integration, IBM Systems Director Console for AIX and Dynamic tracing."

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Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.