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Comment: I get the states' rights thing... (Score 1) 821

by brainproxy (#41896791) Attached to: U.S. Election Day In Progress: What's Been Your Experience?
But maybe an open sourced voting machine run by a non-profit? Maybe a civilian department? Private companies making voting machines doesn't seem like a great idea. And there are always the conspiracy theorists who will use it as a psychological out so they never have to accept a loss. Let them find another out. Like the Illuminati and mind control or something..

Comment: Dear television content providers. (Score 1) 1004

by brainproxy (#40059637) Attached to: Who's Pirating Game of Thrones, and Why?
We know that the cable and satellite companies have a monopolistic ball grab on you. I love some of what you do and would like to give you monies. But the means by which that I am forced to use to get your hard work, (like said assclown franchise locking "service" providers), want me to subscribe to their "packages" so very bad.

I schluffed off their subscriptions, only using their "high speed internet". But they know we'll use it to watch your programs that we download for free like little commie criminals, so they want to "cap" us so we don't download too much! "Cap" has a jaunty ring to it, doesn't it. Like a night cap! But its not for lack of trying!

Creators of television programs, I want to give you monies, shinies, ducats, for your hard work. Let me download it, as soon as its aired. Even if you're soulless overlords like NBC, Syfy, etc., get a cut. Here, I'll address them directly:

Soulless overlords, please let me buy reasonably priced shows I want to watch, a la cart. Take a moment whilst you sit upon throne of blood and bone. Raise your hand, not to cause the death shrieks of cancelled shows we like, or spew forth more reality show afterbirth from your gaping, fetid maw; allow me to download and keep, episodes of Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation. I would make offering. No animal burning, though.

Who knows? You might, even then, squint and raise a claw? Hoof? Mandible? to your countless dead eyes and gaze in wonder at the brilliant light of realization: Where there was once a cancelled Firefly or Farscape, they might yet be reborn in a righteous blaze of countless micro transactions the likes of which even hasn't seen.

Comment: Re:No people of color my ass (Score 1) 645

by brainproxy (#38037692) Attached to: Is There an Institutional Bias Against Black Tech Entrepreneurs?

Ever heard of Vinod Khosla? How about legions of Asian programmers? Oh, no people of *his* color. Yeah, just another conspiracy by The Man to keep the bruthas down.

Seriously, when will this victim mentality shit ever end?

When it stops being advantageous to be white.

Live free or die.