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Comment: Postgres (Score 2) 287

by bradinthehouse (#42123605) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which OSS Database Project To Help?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Stonebraker Have a look at what he's done with Postgres, Vertica, VoltDB, and the other systems he's working on. You may find that contributing to this project aligns you with some great, very intelligent people -- that's opportunity for learning, opportunity for contributing, and opportunity for good networking.

Comment: Re:Here's the actual paper (Score 2, Informative) 139

by bradinthehouse (#32352332) Attached to: Cutting Umbilical Cord Early Eliminates Stem Cells

Also, while you're on the pubmed site, you might be interested in searching for other papers about the benefits of "delayed cord clamping" vs "early cord clamping." There are only a few cases where early cord clamping is beneficial, apparently. I was able to find many more articles on why delayed cord clamping is beneficial than I was on why early cord clamping is beneficial.

For those who like evolution: It's also interesting to think that for millions of years, man did not clamp immediately after birth. Unattended women wouldn't bother. And yet, here we are!

If you think that for every evolutionary tale there must be a creationary (whoah, what?) tale: do you think that $deity really made humans in such a way as to be entirely dependent on doctors to clamp as soon as a baby is born? Surely he would have taken care of that piece of awesomeness by introducing some new aspect of nature to handle it without our human intervention!

Comment: Tableau All The Way (Score 1) 180

by bradinthehouse (#26525351) Attached to: Visualizing Complex Data Sets?

I first saw a video of Hans Rosling, who had some very unique ways of visualizing data that would otherwise be useless to a simple mind such as mine.

After I watched that, I found a piece of software called Tableau. I downloaded the trial version, and really liked how easy it made visualizing data for me. I can take the data I have, and Tableau will see how it's connected and allow you to generate visual reports of the data. I'm not saying that it'll work for everything, but it certainly does what I need it to extremely well, especially for my business intelligence initiatives.


Torvalds Explains Scheduler Decision 411

Posted by kdawson
from the it's-the-guy-not-the-code dept.
Firedog writes "There's been a lot of recent debate over why Linus Torvalds chose the new CFS process scheduler written by Ingo Molnar over the SD process scheduler written by Con Kolivas, ranging from discussing the quality of the code to favoritism and outright conspiracy theories. KernelTrap is now reporting Linus Torvalds' official stance as to why he chose the code that he did. 'People who think SD was "perfect" were simply ignoring reality,' Linus is quoted as saying. He goes on to explain that he selected the Completely Fair Scheduler because it had a maintainer who has proven himself willing and able to address problems as they are discovered. In the end, the relevance to normal Linux users is twofold: one is the question as to whether or not the Linux development model is working, and the other is the question as to whether the recently released 2.6.23 kernel will deliver an improved desktop experience."

+ - School district recommends parents buy MSOffice 07

Submitted by WS Nick
WS Nick writes: Batavia school district (Illinois) is recommending that parents of high school students upgrade their home computers to Microsoft Office 2007. Why not use one of the free alternatives and relieve parents of some of the financial burden they face to buy all the stuff for their children the school says? I guess Microsoft's profits is more important to the school district.

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