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Comment Perl Bashing - Denser vs Cleaner (Score 1) 133 133

I think a lot of the bashing and criticism of Perl comes from the fact that Regular Expression handling is an inherent part of the language - rather than being left out of the language design and relegated to just another set of functions in just another library. Regular Expressions are inherently hard to read - as they are complicated and dense - but even the most casual novice of Perl would be able to easily identify that what they are seeing is just a regular expression - and hopeful a comment or two would give them some insight as to what the "big picture" behind that particular exgexp was - if there was any doubt.

The alternative would be nasty - let's break out a protracted set of functions, variables, loops, etc to process this piece of text in a more "readble" way? No thanks - let me bang-out the regexp and be done.

Also - At least Perl uses a normal open/close (braces) to begin and end a scope - unlike Python - which relies on the number of leading spaces. (I've been using Python for years - can handle that - but still think it's a very bad idea).

For me - Pearl's biggest downside has been that the world has simply gone to Python largely, and so have I.Whereas I used to love Perl, I find it hard to keep switching back-and-forth.

That being said - I miss the ease at which Perl can fork a subproces, then scrape and parse it's output. Yes you can do this with Python - but it does take more keystrokes. From a linguistics point of view - it comes down to Information Density. Thus, we can argue that Python looks cleaner, but Perl's code is denser.

Comment Can't "buy" Windows 10? (Score 1) 172 172

From what I understood - Microsoft wasn't going to outright "sell" Windows 10 - but it was going to be available on a per-year licence type of deal. If this is true - it would mean that these aren't "free" upgrades after all - but maybe a trap in which you'd be required to buy a "subscription" down the road...

Comment I'm calling bull$&1t.... (Score 1) 170 170

This mentality MIGHT have been true many years ago where computers were exotic enough that you needed some level of expertise to even operate the computers enough to the point where you could RUN the games - but preparing us to code? No. Are we to conclude that playing Candy Crush Saga 8 hours a day is actually beneficial because this is preparing us for a career as a developer?

Comment Re:Emperor's New Clothes?? (Score 1) 514 514

Yes, but remember that refrigerators "cycle" on and off via their thermostat. So though it may draw 2200 Watts, but only run 10% of the time. So (by my example numbers) on one hand it's easier on your total kWh because it's only using "220 Watts on average", but when it actually does kick-on, it's drawing a full 2200 Watts - which is near (over over) the capacity of the Tesla system we're talking about.

Comment Emperor's New Clothes?? (Score 1) 514 514

Are we all somehow swoon to think this is a practical solution to some problem? I live in New Hampshire and we get our share of power outages during the winter. EVERYONE has generators. A typical "LOW-END" household generator would start around 5k-6500 watts. Remember, a refrigerator alone is about 2200 watts running. Add in a blower motor for your household furnace - it adds up quickly.When we loose power, it can be for hours or days at a time. I haven't even started to talk about summer conditions when electricity is in demand and people run their AC units.

What would I do with a device that output 2kWs and lasted 2 or 3 hours???

Comment ALL circuits are - and Raspberry PI FM Transmitter (Score 1) 88 88

Absolutely no idea why this is something "new". Any oscillating (digital) circuit is an RF transmitter - though this is almost always an unwanted side effect.

There have been a lot of people (too many references to site) who do things like make FM transmitters out of a Raspberry PI.

I used to play with making my Apple ][+ do wonky things to transmit weird noise to my FM radio back in the day...

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