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Comment Very easy to crash windows quicktime with images (Score 2, Interesting) 82 82

We get this a lot, there's many images out there that'll make quicktime crash. We have an image board for showing things we're talking about, when we hit a "bad" image all the windows users disappear (crash) at the same time. A responsible Linux or Mac user then removes the image so they can return ;)

Google Reader Begins Sharing Private Data 313 313

Felipe Hoffa writes "One week ago Google Reader's team decided to begin showing your private data to all your GMail contacts. No need to opt-in, no way to opt-out. Complaints haven't been answered. Some users share their problems, including one family who says they won't be able to enjoy this Christmas because of this 'feature.' Will Google start doing this with all their products? You can check a summary of complaints in my journal here or browse the whole thread in Google Groups."
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Only 2 in 500 College Students Believe in IP 649 649

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "David Pogue of the New York Times has an interesting story about how fewer and fewer people believe that infringement is wrong. He mentions talks he gave back in 2005 where people were willing to believe that making backups of DVDs you own is wrong. Today, however, at his talks, he was only able to get two people out of a crowd of five hundred college students to say that downloading a movie or album is wrong. He goes on, like many before him, to bemoan the immorality of young people today, saying: 'I do know, though, that the TV, movie and record companies' problems have only just begun. Right now, the customers who can't even *see* why file sharing might be wrong are still young. But 10, 20, 30 years from now, that crowd will be *everybody*. What will happen then?'"

British Drivers Destroying Surveillance Cameras 259 259

miletus writes "A Wired article tells us that not everyone in Britain loves the surveillance state." The linked entry (part of Bruce Sterling's blog) quotes a story about British anti-camera groups, one of which claims its up-and-coming methods "will enable them to destroy a roadside camera in just a few seconds," and illustrates with a burned-out camera. I wonder how many Americans are similarly motivated.

Submission + - Your Identity is Safe with Us->

TitusC3v5 writes: According to the BBC, the Next Generation Identification database is ready to see a $1bn contract award as of next month. As always, the administration assures us that "innocent people would have nothing to fear from the database. FBI assistant director Thomas E Bush told the BBC the targets would be what he called the 'bad guys' — terrorist and criminal suspects."
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Submission + - FSFE Supports Microsoft Antitrust Investigation->

An anonymous reader writes: "Microsoft should be required openly, fully and faithfully to implement free and open industry standards," is the message of a letter by the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) to European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes. To help achieve this goal, FSFE offered its support for a possible antitrust investigation based on the complaint of Opera Software against Microsoft. The complaint was based on anti-competitive behaviour in the web browser market.

"Although Opera Software does not produce Free Software, we largely share their assessment and concerns regarding the present situation in the Internet browser market", FSFE president Georg Greve writes in the letter.

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Australia Plans to Censor the Internet 258 258

SenatorLuddite writes "From January 20, 2008 new content laws introduced by the Federal Government will force sites to verify the age of users before accessing content intended for mature audiences (MA15+ and R18+). The laws bring internet classification into line with Film and Book classification laws and completely prohibits X18+ and RC content from the internet. ACMA (The Australian Communications and Media Authority) claims that adults will not be affected by the new laws, yet user-generated and even chatrooms are required to be assessed for classification and powers are granted to ACMA to send 'take down' notices to offending sites."

Submission + - Perez Hilton Pulls Videos From YouTube

El Lobo writes: Celebrity gossip "queen" Perez Hilton said he's unlikely to post videos on YouTube any longer and instead will probably host them on his own site, As informed on, the blogger and the biggest video-sharing service are feuding after YouTube pulled some of his videos due to complaints from copyright holders. Mr. Hilton, said he's disappointed by the way YouTube handled the matter. After discussion, Mr. Hilton's YouTube account was reinstated Thursday afternoon and he promptly posted a YouTube kiss-off video, telling the site to "F — off." "The way they treated me with this whole incident makes me feel not appreciated," Mr. Hilton said. "They didn't do anything. Not to overestimate my own worth, but I probably have sent more traffic to YouTube than anyone else on the Internet."

Submission + - Cyberlink's lucky patent leads to Blu-Ray profit

An anonymous reader writes: In a video interview with, Cyberlink CEO Alice Chang states, quite proudly, that the company is set to do well from Blu-Ray, thanks to one of its patents. From the interview: "We had tens of different patents, but one of the patents that luckily we got granted was an essential patent for Blu-Ray. So whenever devices using Blu-Ray are made, our patents are in there." It's interesting that she considers the granting of the patent lucky. Perhaps Cyberlink's attitude to patents is to file for it, hope it gets granted, then profit.

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