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Comment Re:just some background (Score 1) 126

The latter. He clearly is against it, or not. He sounds just like the common brazilian "educated middle class" he refers at the beginning, ignoring real politics and economics and focusing on his navel gazing views.

* And when I say "He", you know, could be a "She". Doesn't matter.

Comment Amazon is right on this one (Score 2) 291

I think Amazon is being very clever with the Kindle Fire. It is a new device with tons of content readily available (more than iTunes, I believe), it is cheap and, most importantly, it is not a direct competitor to the iPad.

People who want (or don't mind) a 7" device will get the Kindle Fire. People who need a larger screen will go for the other tablets (mostly the iPad, these days).

I think the Kindle Fire will sell pretty well. And Apple will have someone else other than Samsung to get worried about.


The "King of All Computer Mice" Finally Ships 207

An anonymous reader writes "The much-anticipated, much-mocked 18-button joystick mouse from WarMouse is now shipping. The press release features an impressive set of user quotes from game designer Chris Taylor, new SFWA president John Scalzi, and a doctor who runs a medical software company. Crazy or not, it's obviously more than just a gaming mouse."

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