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Submission + - Microsoft's 1TB Surface Book will cost you a hefty $3,199 (

logaecology writes: Microsoft talked about the Surface Book having up to a 1TB solid-state drive when it announced the laptop/tablet hybrid, but you couldnt actually buy it on launch — 512GB was as good as it got. Well, that extra-capacious model is now available fo...

Comment Re:Everything (Score 1) 889

^^^ THIS

I logged in just to mention Everything.
It's my favorite free program for Windows and and I don't care what the zealots say. There is NO comparable alternative for Linux.

One nice feature on Everything is the ability to add text files containing file lists to your search.
I use it to search multiple computers simultaneously and this way they can even be powered off.
The external file lists can be stored and synced on Google-Drive or an equivalent cloud storage.

I haven't tried it yet, but I might try creating a daily cron job that generates a text file list of all of my linux files and then try to use Everything via Wine as a viewer. It's a very clumsy alternative, but that's the best alternative I can think of.

Comment Re:Aren't those just called FLAPS? (Score 2) 55

I STRONGLY disagree. This Is VERY innovative technology.

Flexture / compliant structural engineering is NOT trivial.
We're talking about a complex interaction of kinematics, material science, fatigue, structures, non-linear dynamic loads, and in this case even thermal loads because temperatures drop significantly at altitude and you're not going to want a brittle material failure. Not to mention the controls engineering and software required to control and monitor the structure or the exotic manufacturing processes required to make open celled structures. Are we talking about isotropic materials? Because if we're talking about composite materials, the complexity just became exponentially more complex. Did I even mention the Aerodynamicists role in this project yet?

Frankly, I'm having more difficulty trying to think of engineering displines that are *not* used by this technology.

Here's a "Simple" two dimensional cross section of a compliant wing design.

In a real world 3D example, it's not likely that the 3D design would be a extruded version of the 2D profile.

Submission + - Samsung Prepares for the Smartwatch Era 1

jones_supa writes: According to a filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the Korean electronics giant Samsung has applied for the name Samsung Galaxy Gear . It falls under the 'wearable digital electronic device' category with the identification of 'the form of a wristwatch, wrist band or bangle capable of providing access to the internet and for sending and receiving phone calls, electronic mails and messages'. As for the operating system, there's a clear hint from the Galaxy tag that the smartwatch is likely to be running on Android.

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