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Comment Re:Aren't those just called FLAPS? (Score 2) 55

I STRONGLY disagree. This Is VERY innovative technology.

Flexture / compliant structural engineering is NOT trivial.
We're talking about a complex interaction of kinematics, material science, fatigue, structures, non-linear dynamic loads, and in this case even thermal loads because temperatures drop significantly at altitude and you're not going to want a brittle material failure. Not to mention the controls engineering and software required to control and monitor the structure or the exotic manufacturing processes required to make open celled structures. Are we talking about isotropic materials? Because if we're talking about composite materials, the complexity just became exponentially more complex. Did I even mention the Aerodynamicists role in this project yet?

Frankly, I'm having more difficulty trying to think of engineering displines that are *not* used by this technology.

Here's a "Simple" two dimensional cross section of a compliant wing design.

In a real world 3D example, it's not likely that the 3D design would be a extruded version of the 2D profile.

Submission + - Samsung Prepares for the Smartwatch Era 1

jones_supa writes: According to a filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the Korean electronics giant Samsung has applied for the name Samsung Galaxy Gear . It falls under the 'wearable digital electronic device' category with the identification of 'the form of a wristwatch, wrist band or bangle capable of providing access to the internet and for sending and receiving phone calls, electronic mails and messages'. As for the operating system, there's a clear hint from the Galaxy tag that the smartwatch is likely to be running on Android.

Submission + - Civil disobedience against mass surveillance->

nut writes: We're all aware of how much surveillance we are under on the internet thanks to Edward Snowden. Gehan Gunasekara, an associate commercial law professor at Auckland University in New Zealand, wants all to start sending suspicious looking but meaningless data across the internet to overload these automated surveillance systems. Essentially he is advocating a mass distributed Bayesian poisoning attack against our watchers. I'm curious, what do Slashdotters think of the practicality of this?
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Submission + - Site sets out to overload the NSA's PRISM->

skadacl writes: In a bold move, there's a new website out there seeking to overload the National Security Agency's PRISM program... If only it can go viral can the site certainly accomplish this goal. So, do you dare? Visit click the big red button, and you'll be searching Google for every single keyword the NSA is looking to track. How bold are you?
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Comment Re:Cool - I just poured a building (Score 1) 74

You have a very interesting website. I especially liked your innovative re-use of your old Styrofoam. I wish I had mod points to give you.

I had no idea it took so much wood to tackle a project like that. How much money did you need to spend on wood for that project? Will you be able to reuse the wood after it is removed from the concrete? Do you think a 3D printed home would save on material costs after you factor in the cost of the wood?

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