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Comment: Re:What a CROCK OF CRAP (you're off)... (Score 0) 101

by br4nd0nh3at (#37372002) Attached to: Linux Foundation, Linux.com Sites Down To Fix Security Breach

I'm new to Linux, and have become quite worried with Linux security.

Looking at your post, I went to the links you provided.

Scrolling down reveals this:
"PLEASE NOTE: The statistics provided should NOT be used to compare the overall security of products against one another. It is IMPORTANT to understand what the below comments mean when using the statistics, especially when using the statistics to compare the vulnerability aspects of different products."

If you continue reading it goes goes into further detail.

Then I look at these pages

This supports your comment.

Can you explain this?

Comment: Re:Don't know why - but I like it (Score 0) 2288

by br4nd0nh3at (#35889308) Attached to: Why Does the US Cling To Imperial Measurements?

This topic should be burned with fire.

As a side note; your explanation of the metric equivalent just means that it is simpler, not more natural.

I believe people think that the imperial system is more natural because you can use yourself as the tool. For example a foot, I can estimate them by using my foot (give or take an inch) [or you can say it's 12 inches]. An inch is about the length from my fingertips to the joint closest to it.

{Where they originated from is up in the air, but you can use those right now at your desk}

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