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Comment VMStorm (Score 1) 75

Last Spring we migrated from trying to manage a high-traffic WordPress site ourselves on AWS to VMStorm (http://www.vmstormvps.com/), a VPS host with reasonable per-month support & management, and they've been great. We just couldn't find people to really help us out on AWS to set things up The Right Way, and with traffic increasing, page load time increasing, and sales dropping, we didn't really have too much time to learn as we went. GoGrid and Rackspace purportedly have service and management partners that they can connect you with, but after a couple weeks of being bounced from rep to rep, neither one had actually put me in contact with _any_ partners. Anyways, with VMStorm, I've got root logins to all my servers, but their techs are always there to analyze performance, change things around (moving us to a more capable database server), installing and configuring packages, and suggesting what scalability upgrade would yield the biggest bang for the buck (backed up by stress-test results). They're really knowledgeable, and it just feels like they're our server techs, and not just drones behind a ticket system.

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