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Comment Dimensionless quantities (Score 2) 78

The primary drawback to physical models is that it typically very difficult or expensive to get the same behavior of the phenomena you are studying at different scales. Depending on the study, you need to try your best to match the dimensionless quantity that is involved in the phenomenon you are studying. Fluids have many properties (surface tension, viscocity, expansion coeffs, etc..) that typically don't scale well: Often you use a fluid other than water and a different timescale and sometimes you can adjust the properties of the fluid by changing it's temperature and try to dial in the dimensionless quantity of interest. But I bet it is difficult to swap out all that water in the Bay Model or drastically change the temperature..

Submission + - World's largest diamond found in South Africa->

slash-sa writes: "The world's largest diamond, said to be twice the size of the previous biggest stone, has been found in the North West province of South Africa. According to the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) the diamond was transported to a secure vault in Johannesburg under strict security measures."
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