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Comment: "people will wake up to the fact that ..." (Score 1) 764

by booyabazooka (#34717924) Attached to: Amazon Censorship Expands

I doubt it, because they're catering to the majority. Most will never notice that some incest-related books are missing from Amazon. A lot of the people who do find out about the ban will probably approve of it. Very few will make any connection whatsoever to the fundamental nature of digital restrictions management systems.

Comment: Re:I used to donate. (Score 1) 608

by booyabazooka (#34575374) Attached to: Should Wikipedia Just Accept Ads Already?

I don't know what you're talking about, because I've never seen anyone use "resources" as a rationale for deleting an article. Either you've got something wrong, you're trolling, or more likely, you've just talked with a few dumb Wikipedians. Deletionism is generally about keeping article quality high. If a subject isn't "notable" enough to have sufficient secondary sources of information about it, you end up with no way to verify disputes. The idea is that no article at all is better than an article that has no systematic way of ever becoming factually correct.

Comment: Re:'Free Market'? What on Earth? (Score 1) 408

by booyabazooka (#34431996) Attached to: House Passes TV Commercial Volume Bill

If commercials were a product then your 'free market' quip might have some meaning but when they're pretty much being shoved down your throat by the idea and design of marketing, your selection choice is instantly removed. ... Government regulation was the only way to combat this.

My approach was to switch to Netflix, no government regulation necessary. Seems to me that if anyone is still paying to watch tv with loud commercials, it's because it's worth it to them.

Comment: Re:Summary Fail (Score 0) 429

by booyabazooka (#34414392) Attached to: Wikileaks DDoS Attacker Arrested, Equipment Seized

Maybe because he wasn't actually arrested... Isn't this the Twitter account in question?!/th3j35t3r

  • - TANGO DOWN - for attempting to endanger the lives of our troops, 'other assets' & foreign relations #wikileaks #fail
  • th3j35t3r For sake IMPOSTER >> (@th3j3st3r ( I plead you to STFU and vanish.'He knows not what he does.' Heed me now.
  • << PS FOR the record I have not been lifted, and do not require any finances or donations - dont be sucked in by @th3j3st3r <<< imposter.OUT
  • << requires no cash. I will not have blood of a money-grabbin opportunist (@th3j35tsr) on my hands. Consider urself dusted. (thankyou).
  • <<< really wanted to TANGO DOWN - The raid story = fabricated by the imposter (@th3j3st3r - to facilitate him capitalizing on the name, or to draw me out.
  • <<< the real Jester thanks all with common sense and the ability to research, while at the same time never begging for money. (EVER). OUT.

Live free or die.