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by boorack (#46572283) Attached to: Russians Take Ukraine's Last Land Base In Crimea

I see no meaningful similiarities. This is just warmongering western media spewing propaganda without mentioning who started this mess by staging a coup that has gone out of control (hint: leaked conversation between Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt - hear this with caution, famous 'F the EU' is least important part of this conversation). I also recommend considering geopolitical context of this situation - Russia could not afford NOT responding to this as NATO bases in Ukraine could pose direct strategic threat to them of the same magnitude that missiles in Cuba posed to the US of A. This is also conveniently overlooked by western media.

Having said that, I view Crimea annexation as some kind of act of aggression, yet compared this to "liberations" conducted by the US (which usualy end up in massacres and drastic atrocities) it was (almost) bloodless. This makes very bad publicity for western warmongers, especialy neocons who look like war criminals by comparison (and in fact some of them are). Maybe this is the reason of recent media frenzy over Crimea issue.

Putin's way to achieve his goals seems to be mostly political (with some military support). First steps after Crimea annexation were to set up conditions for as fast growth of crimean economy as possible. They'll now be governed by russian laws (that are way less intrusive than ukrainian laws). Additional laws are being passed to ease conducting business in Crimea. Crimean firms don't have to pay taxes until the end of 2014. After that they'll have standard russian 13% flat tax (which is quite low compared to other countries in Europe). Russians also pledged to invest 5bn EUR into infrastructure of Crimea. My guess is Putin is trying to make a template for other post-soviet republics that will look easier to achieve and possibly more attractive than joining the EU. Just compare this to how well Greece is doing today under Troika dictate. The same results are not guaranteed anywhere else (first ones have the best bargain), yet it will give others something to thinks, especially in countries that went through color revolutions (all of which failed miserably). This stands in stark contrast contrast with how West (especially US) conducts their politics in other countries, which in most cases boils down to either staging a coup (Ukraine), funding insurgents waging a civil war (Syria, Libia) or bombing the hell out of (perceived) opponent (Iraq, Libia).

I'm trying to guess what Putin will do next but I don't believe in "invade The Free World" myth spewed by western media. With Ukraine descending into chaos, neo-nazis from Svoboda (originaly: Social-National Party of Ukraine - I'm not joking!) in key positions in ukrainian government (deputy PM, defence ministry, security services), ukrainian military mostly NOT obeying their orders (and rightfuly so - should they obey we'd already have civil war), Party of Regions (still having most popular support) being outlawed by force, gangs stopping busses, beating and robbing anyone with russian passport, Putin could just sit there and wait until this whole thing breaks down and people revolt once again and this time request joining Russia in order to improve their miserable life conditions. The other thing he can do is to annex other eastern regions of Ukraine the same way Crimea was annexed and leave Western Ukraine to Europe with all debts, troubles and nationalist gangsters roaming around. He propably doesn't want deal with those troubles when someone else can.

I'm truly asamed of my country politicians (hello from Poland!) who helped creating this mess. Should they not stage this coup, or at least enforce treaties they've signed with Yanukovych in February, Ukraine could go in orderly fashion into elections and - with sufficient monitoring - Ukrainians would elect whoever has popular support. Instead, our politicians are now spreading anti-russian hysteria and supporting ukrainian nationalists praising Stepan Bandera (the man responsible for murdering of some 200 thousands Poles in Ukraine in 1940s). Even taking photos with red-black flags of Bandera movement beind. My perception is polish politicians now act contrary to interests of Poland. Whomever they working for, whoever orders are they taking (um, Washington?) it will cause billions of dollars of losses as Russia will propably retaliate with even higher gas prices (we're already paying one of highest prices thanks to idiocy of polish politicians in the past), and with even more restrictions for polish companies trading with Russia. Even as our financial situation is not pretty, our politicians seem to not give a shit about this - maybe they hope for covering those losses by stealing remaining half of our pensions (as first half they stole several months ago).

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by boorack (#46253479) Attached to: S. Korea Diverts Network From Huawei Networks
Thank tho Snowden we now know that Cisco is even worse in that regard. So the only thing one can choose is who will be sucking one's data - US or China. There best way to keep networks safe is to roll one's own equipment (eg. PC-based with OpenBSD or something, sourced from local vendor) but it has its own limitations.

Comment: "War in Iraq is given by God" - S. Palin (Score 1, Interesting) 665

by boorack (#46221659) Attached to: South Carolina Education Committee Removes Evolution From Standards
Wake up folks. We still treat those creationist fanatics as silly curiosities and ignore fact that they are danger. They're real deal folks. In a system where legislation is bought and paid for, someone is putting gobs of money to push this crap down our throats. They are clearly trying to blur distinction between someone's beliefs and verifiable facts. This is power game. Maybe they see how much power do radical islamist clerics wield over undereducated, poor middle eastern people and they're trying to play the same book - and it seems to work almost as well in poor regions of USofA. Think of all those mega-churches and shady characters behind these, trying to put their their fingers whenever power is (army in particular). If we don't stop those fucks, they'll destroy everyone standing in their way using the same terrorist methods Saudis are using today in Syria or Chechenya. Future fascism will born in the US and use Holy Cross as its emblem the same way nazis were using swastika. Instead of just laughing at it, we should stop it in its tracks at all costs - in order to save both us and (honest parts of) Christianty. And no, corporate estabullshitment won't help us. Corporations will be as happy profiting from this as they were happy profiting from nazis in 1930-s.

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by boorack (#46190987) Attached to: US Cord Cutters Getting Snubbed From NBC's Olympic Coverage Online
Because each Olympic event is funded by hosting country taxpayers ? Either everyone can film and publish taxpayer-funded Olympics coverage or Olympics Comittee acquires private sponsors and tightly controls who can and who cannot cover Olympic Games. Currently we have the worst of worlds which drives me to a conclusion that Olympic Games is a giant racket (which - by the way - helped bankrupting several countries already).

Comment: But even this was proven to be lie. (Score 1) 199

by boorack (#45470631) Attached to: Warner Bros. Admits To Issuing Bogus Takedowns
(from TFA) It turned out that some things have been removed manually, including some Open Source software and people involved did this knowing that WB has absolutely no copyrights. So they lied to court that "it was done by computer" and now they argue they have right to censor works they don't have copyright rights without penalties. I don't have to stress how bad it would be if they set such precedent and defend it in courts. It's pretty much like going back to feudal times.

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This will be pretty good excuse for government thugs to shut down Bitcoin and possibly jail anyone having some in his/her posession. I'm not sure US government thugs did actually conceive such crap but I'm perfectly sure they wouldn't be happier hearing this news.

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by boorack (#45445567) Attached to: Dell's New Sputnik 3 Mates Touchscreen With Ubuntu

Expandable at least. You can plug in two standard SO-DIMM chips, one m-SATA drive and one 2.5" 7mm drive. It also has 14.4" full-HD screen, big enough to use its full resolution (not retina-like ultra-high pixel density where image has to be enlarged 2x, so you get half the resolution). I'm curious about its reliability.

I'm using Asus UX-32VD which has similiar characteristics (notably it has one standard SO-DIMM slot and one standard 7mm 2.5" drive, despite its slim ultrabook-like look). Sometimes I need a bit more power and bigger screen (being "in the field", not at my desk), so standard PC does not count. I would like to see expandable 15"-16" ultrabook with 2576x1600 resolution (three columns of code plus sidebar!) and quad core processor. Ideally with one or two mSATA slots and one 2.5" bay and at least two SO-DIMM slots. Pixel density would be the same as in UX-31, so with good quality IPS display one would use every last bit of it. Something like Asus UX-51 but with better resolution and expandable. This would be terribly setup for techies, programmers in particular. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of such product - unlike desktop PCs where one can built one's own system from scratch, everyone is on vendors mercy when it comes to notebooks or ultrabooks.

Comment: Re:Psyops at its finest. (Score 5, Insightful) 216

Given their record of factuality in their official statements this whole bruhaha about "openess" it is more likely to be lie. Given number of transgressions and laws broken by NSA we've seen in Snowden documents, they just can't release such things, so it is lie for sure. They only thing they propably want to achieve by this manipulation is to make whistleblowers' life harder. After all, despite of all bullshit and propaganda in corporate media citizenry is now behind Snowden. What they want is propably to have some leverage to explain to public that future whistleblowers' revelations are 'redundant', so they'll have public consent to prosecute or exterminate future whistleblowers and also journalists. This corresponds pretty well with latest law pushed by Feinstein that legalizes all NSA transgressions we've seen in latest months and mandates harsh penalties for both whistleblowers leaking inconvenient materials and journalists publishing such revelations. In short, Obama regime is now busy reinforcing its grip on what public should and shouldn't know.

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by boorack (#45378675) Attached to: Germany Finances Major Push Into Home Battery Storage For Solar
I think they bet on new, more efficient, cleaner technologies that will replace lead-acid sooner or later (eg. liquid metal batteries) but something has to start this process of development. So yes - lead batteries might be dirty right now but overall process will cut a lot more of impact of coal in the future. Clearly they are far ahead of everyone else in this regard. Renewable energy devices prices are dropping similiarly to computer prices not so long ago. I wonder when (not if) they'll be able to push prices below coal.

Comment: Who is supposed to receive this crap-propaganda ? (Score 1) 510

Quicly looking at comment section of Telegraph article I see that it propably didn't succeed in indoctrinating anyone. Therefore I'm curious why such a piece of crap has been published at all. Maybe it is not directed to unwashed masses. Maybe it is directed to corporate/bankster/military/intelligence estabullshitment, not ordinary people. Maybe it is some kind of message sent by puppet government and puppet media saying something like: "See, we're (still) loyal. We'll go with you everywhere and we're ready to defend your (dirty) business even to our own detriment. We'll do anything, just give us some convenient, well paid position in your corporations when people throw us out.". I see this as a dangerous precedence. Politicians not afraid of what people think about them will not hesitate to send police or military to beat everyone "to the fuck'n skull" or "disappear" people if ordered so by TPTBs. The same with media: seeing journalists producing such crap without any signs of hesitation I smell crappy soviet-style system of propaganda (which I still remeber as I've spent my childhood in communist Poland).

Comment: US regime busy legitimizing NSA transgressions (Score 5, Insightful) 504

by boorack (#45324055) Attached to: Feinstein and Rogers: No Clemency For Snowden
In the meantime Feinstein is busy pushing a new bill through Congress. It will not only legitmize NSA spying on everyone but also impose even harsher penalties for anyone who dares speak out. Despite of majority of citizens now being clearly against it (despite of all bullshit and propaganda thrown at them by corporate media). I know it makes many Americans angry but I don't see much difference between civil liberties in US and China right now, the only one being that US regime is far superior in concealing itself behind "freedom and democracy" mirage.

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