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Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 207

>The think the more important note here is that the guy with a 707 HP Challenger Hellcat is probably not driving it to work every day.

That may be true mostly, but I have a few coworkers that have some wicked cars, one with a Hellcat, one with an Audi R8, and 'most' of them are daily drivers. I'm on the other end with a 2010 Jeep Rubicon, lifted with 35" tires. I get a whopping 11mpg and it's a daily driver because of my love for my jeep, and I'll keep her a very long time. I save money, electricity, water...I tear out walls to upgrade insulation.... but all bets are off when it comes to the Jeep or my gaming rig.

Comment Re:One stray ; burned a week... (Score 1) 285

Took over a large perl code project from my boss years ago where this happened. Apparently the two people that had worked on it after him each had their own indentation (and programming) styles and it was ridiculously hard to read or debug. I ended up going through all of the code over a few months to make it all conform just so I didn't go insane try to read through it.

Comment Re:$460??? (Score 1) 67

I am one of those iRacing people, but I'll say that the triple screens is absolutely necessary. Ok, it's really not, but I'd be screwed trying to drive with one monitor now if I tried it. The ability to look our my left and right windows is crucial, let alone my side rear view mirrors. As a joke I loaded up Need for Speed Most Wanted on my xbox last year. I was stunned at how I remembered it to how it compared. I can't believe I used to play that now....

Comment Re:$460??? (Score 1) 67

It's exactly what the other two said. A three day class at a skip barber class to drive the "skippy" or the skip barber F2000 open wheel car, is going to cost you several grand. In iRacing they laser every track and there's no bs. There are pro drivers that run it like Will Power and Dale Jr. for instance and even they say that every bump in the tracks are there. If you're going to do something, to me anyway, I'd rather run 3 - 24" monitors in eyefinity with a serious wheel and pedal setup with a big amp and surround sound, than run it on a laptop with one small screen and an old logitech wingman wheel. To each his own though.

Comment Re:Wrong place at the wrong time.... (Score 1) 113

I got pulled by one and thought it was bs at first. "No, something is screwed up." Turns out my insurance had lapsed because I screwed up auto pay, and therefore my license had been suspended. He was facing traffic and I even looked at him when I passed, but his plate reader was mounted on his trunk. All in all, as much as I felt screwed, I'm kinda glad he pulled me and I didn't find out by getting into an accident without insurance.

Submission + - Chaos Computer Club Claims It Can Reproduce Fingerprints From People's Photos 1

An anonymous reader writes: Chaos Computer Club, Europe’s largest association of hackers, claims it can reproduce your fingerprints from a couple of photos that show your fingers. At the 31st annual Chaos Computer Club convention in Hamburg, Germany, Jan Krissler, also known by his alias "Starbug," explained how he copied the thumbprint of German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen. Because these fingerprints can be used for biometric authentication, Starbug believes that after his talk, "politicians will presumably wear gloves when talking in public."

Submission + - "Calibration" error changes Illinois touchscreen votes ( 4

BobandMax writes: In a truly shocking occurrence, a Cook County, Illinois touchscreen voting device changed votes from Republican to Democrat. Voting officials removed the machine and determined that a calibration error was at fault. The voter who brought the problem to their attention, Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan, was later "allowed" to vote for Republicans. Some things never change, regardless technology.

Submission + - Million of British Imperial Documents Being Digitised (

Intrepid imaginaut writes: A transgender singer hits stardom in Baghdad. Officials scramble to impose order after a Kuwaiti restaurant is found to be selling cat meat. Gulf royals on an official visit to London are left marooned in a drab south London suburb because of a shortage of hotel rooms in the West End.

These are some of the quirky stories hiding in nine miles of shelving at the British Library (BL) that hold the India Office Records — millions of documents recording Britain's 350-year presence in the sub-continent.

The India Office did not only administer India, it also exercised colonial rule over an area stretching west as far as Aden. That's why the files cover Persia and Arabia. And the reason the stories are coming to light is that the Qatar Foundation has paid £8.7m for nearly half a million documents relating to the Gulf to be digitised.

Work started in 2012, and many of those documents have now gone online at the Qatar National Library's digital library portal.

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