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Comment: Re:Older than this I think (Score 1) 117 117

According to a friend, who was a switchman for AT&T/Bell Atlantic/Verizon for 36 years, the machines in a single office were a dual machine architecture, running off of the primary, and in case of a problem, would switch over to the secondary machine which was already up & running & doing stuff.

For patching, you moved to the secondary machine, installed the patch on the primary, rebooted the primary & prayed it would work. If not, then you spent lots of time on the phone to geek central to find out what was going on...


Comment: Re:useful given my recent experience with the linu (Score 1) 72 72

Obvious ignorant (as in not knowing) M$ shill -
Volunteer project - professional full fledged development team
lacks support for any type of journaled filesystem...

I don't have to show any more, this AC is an obvious M$ paid shill.

Comment: Simply, It Blows (Score 1) 1191 1191

1) Way too much white space

2) El Gigundo pictures that have no business being on the page

3) Cutesy design makes me want to go over to El Reg for the antidote

4) Slashdot is a WORDS site, not a PRETTY design site or a PICTURES site or a social networking site. Can't you Dice morons get this through your head ?

5) Person who hired the folks to do the redesign, their salary should be tied to the readership count, so that when the readership dies he is the person to pay the price. I assume the people who did the redesign just don't know any better...

Comment: NSA nightly download (Score 1) 352 352

The NSA asked for a full data dump. Google, the good citizen that it is, promptly dumped all data to the NSA channel. They won't talk about it because they are prevented from doing so by the 'communist act' (originally labeled the 'patriot act', a misnomer if there ever was one...)

Comment: Seeking Alpha - Short sellers Post up here ! (Score 1) 559 559

I've been following articles on 3D printing (via Google) and really have to laugh at the articles purveyed as journalism on the Seeking Alpha site. There seem to be few real writer/journalists on the site, rather it looks like a collection of blogger addicts and mail room boys posting for effect.. Their counts go up, they look legitimate and they even assume the mantle of 'knowledge' about a particular topic.

I wonder who pays these shills to write this refuse ? Is Seeking Alpha another one of those sites where you can get any crap published because you can click a submit button ? Or maybe the site is kept afloat by the people short selling & then having a slam article written, like I saw happen over and over and over with 3D systems, so the stock goes down and the short sellers profit ?

My opinion, FWIW, is that Seeking Alpha is a site where market manipulators post up to influence the market.

(YMMV, the opinions of the poster are not necessarily those of Dice corp, etc etc etc)

Comment: Re:Watson is a better button pusher (Score 2) 206 206

When watching the shows I was impressed by how well Watson could look things up. Most of the questions were of that variety, where a simple Google search would easily find the answer.

Any question requiring logic or reasoning usually when to Ken Jennings or that other guy.

Can I prove it ? No. I just remember my thoughts at the time when watching the show. If you want 100% certainty you'll have to pay me to do an analysis...

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