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Comment Re:Case study on how to blow a great oppurtunity (Score 1) 170

No the exterior is soft type of fabric and isn't removable, they are doing it for comfort and breathability . The fabric is semi-transparent to allow light and sound to pass through it(the CV1 has microphones in it). I demoed the current prototype and it was very easily to get dirty. I was really confused like you when I first held it. I thought the fabric was a removable soft cover when it is not. The same design goal allowing the fabric to be semi-transparent will be a great attractor for dirt. I hope the final product is a little more dirt resistant. Oculus even said the first time they wrap/put together the first CV1 it took more than hour just for fabric frame.
My day job is the vr lead at my company. Right now we are switching to the Vive after mainly using the oculus for the last 2 years. I have one Vive dev kit at work. The Vive is just a better headset than the CV1, without question. The Valve controller track much better than the touch controllers, and if you have big hands you SOL with the touch controllers.

Comment Re:Case study on how to blow a great oppurtunity (Score 1) 170

The CV1 frame is made fabric. An entire presentation at oculus connect 2 was spent bragging about how they made the frame of fabric. Fabric just like your shirt, Oculus had pictures of shirts in the presentation. I have demoed the CV1 multiple times, it is fabric just like your shirt but no way to clean it like your shirt. The back of the fabric is harden using some kind of epoxy. You can read more about it here .
I really hope they abandon the idea or at least coat with Teflon.

Comment Re:Case study on how to blow a great oppurtunity (Score 1) 170

700 years of making glasses: no one has made the mistake making the frame of fabric.
Wouldn't put your Oculus CV1 in the clothes washer when it gets dirty.
Predicting someone will be canned for the decision and the CV2 the fabric will be gone.

Comment Re:That's the downside of the iEcosystem (Score 2) 363

Apple devices do NOT "just work". The bluetooth on my new ipod touch didn't work correctly. WTF they can't get bluetooth to work correctly? All my android devices worked with the same bluetooth devices. Just a quick google search and you will find others with flaky bluetooth.

Comment Re:What about AMD Godaveri? (Score 3, Informative) 126

The Intel CPU is on par with the Godaveri over here .
Once you add a R7-240 the AMD chip is faster with dual graphics and sometimes faster by itself. Still cheaper buying AMD and the 240 card than one intel cpu.
Somewhat bogus benchmark because they didn't enable dual graphics for the AMD chips in the intel test. There is reason that you would want a AMD chip to crossfire later if you don't have a lot of money.

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