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Comment: Source/API Closing Up Oculus F*** Y** (Score 2) 227

The original Oculus API was very open. Now large swaths of code are being put into binary services. The latest API is massive change again. Now they are putting all the distortion related code in binary blob/service. Good luck trying to port it to Mac or Linux.

Oh one more thing stop fing writing of your POS code from scratch. WTF a logger class, string class, smart pointer class and finally yet another fing linear algebra that class just plain sucks. Oh you want to do 3*Vector3M, nope ,have to do Vector*3. Now I see why it has taken so long to get a final product, you suffer from NIH syndrome.

Finally can you fing decide if you are going to use tabs or spaces to indent your code or at least keep them the same in the same fing file.

Comment: Re:Insteon Experience (Score 1) 248

by bongey (#49052259) Attached to: Smart Homes Often Dumb, Never Simple

Get a ISY-994izw . The ISY-994izw supports both insteon and z-wave now. The programming interface looks dated but it is simple for non-programmers. There is always a very nice rest api if you want to do more. I have a mix of insteon and z-wave. Z-wave is by far more reliable and more secure than insteon, but I still use insteon if it is better device and cost for the job. The core of the ISY device isn't trying to have pretty gui, it just makes a device that works.


Comment: Re:All or nothing (Score 1) 83

by bongey (#48480807) Attached to: Researchers Discover an "Off Switch" For Pain In the Brain

Chronic pain is much different than regular pain, there is nothing good that comes from chronic pain.Chronic pain is currently ruining my life. It really is almost impossible to do anything and enjoy life while the entire time your back is saying "You want to go for walk today with your wife, fuck you. You want to walk down some stairs hahaha fuck you again"

"An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of code." -- an anonymous programmer