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Comment Re:A drone isn't a "model aircraft" (Score 1) 226

The FAA is saying "model aircraft" are also "aircraft" at the same time, thus must be registered if it is a "aircraft" greater than 250g and a "model aircraft" less than 55lbs.
Law says 55lbs, the FAA pulled 250g out of there ass.
The FAA came up with 250g by doing a point mass free-fall force equation. Didn't you know a solid metal ball and balsa model aircraft fall at the same rate with equal force?
Also see how the FAA suddenly redefined "model aircraft" and changed to say you need to register it. See Sep 2015 and the verbiage now , Dec 2015 .

Comment Re:the facts speak for themselves. (Score 2, Interesting) 300

1) The FAA is violating the law pass by congress. FAA act of 2012 Sec 336
2)The Supreme Court says they can't regulated it. United_States v Causby ruling is still legally binding to the FAA.

The law is not on the FAA side, this is going strait to court.

Comment Re:As an amateur radio operator AND a pilot... (Score 1) 300

The FAA can say what they want, but the the Supreme Court will just slap them down hard again. The rules for drones is going strait to court, where the FAA will lose again.
FYI the FAA has already tried similar rules in the past only to lose in court.
You also need the difference between politically incorrect and racism.

Comment Re:As an amateur radio operator AND a pilot... (Score 1) 300

Captain Sum Ting Wong help us if you are a pilot because you don't even know what NAS rules. Below 500 AGL is not a part of the NAS unless next to airport, thus the FAA doesn't have any legal authority. Supreme Court "declared that a landowner controls use of the airspace above their property in connection with their uninterrupted use and enjoyment of the underlying land."

Comment Re:I have several drones and I support this (Score 1) 195

As person that follows the rule of law, I cannot support this. No federal government agency should be allowed to break the law.
Federal law specifically says the FAA cannot regulate model aircraft under certain conditions.
FAA is trying to regulate model aircraft under the conditions set forth by law.
FAA is breaking the law, too bad we cannot take the administrators and send them to jail until they post bail.

Comment FAA told AMA to eat shit basically (Score 1) 195

The FAA basically told the AMA eat shit.
Even though the federal law says that the FAA cannot regulated model aircraft under federal law. Utter BS the law says they cannot regulate a model aircraft under 54 LBS, that is flown under 400 AGL and operated with VLOS of the operator. The AMA self limits themselves to 15lbs.
Official response from the AMA. http://amablog.modelaircraft.o...

This will be DOA when a lawsuit gets filed by the AMA.
I crashed more than one 1k aircraft on landing, do you think I won't just throw money at lawsuit to be filed against the FAA? (2.4GHz frequency hop is godsend now, haven't had a wreck since)

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