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Comment Re:What scares me here (Score 3, Interesting) 37

I'm not so sure this is going to be as big of a problem going forward. The abundance of formats and specialized hardware were due largely to the lack of standardization. And just getting the system to have acceptable performance often required tweaking not machine code, but the hardware itself.

Today we solve many more problems using general purpose hardware and software written in well-documented languages, and open-source is making that documentation live much longer than it might otherwise.

Plus the Internet in general has transformed the idea of archiving.

Comment Re:BBC is wrong, it's NOT from the exploded rocket (Score 1) 29

but a Reddit threat is not and never will be a source.

Neither is Slashdot, so who cares? OP gave you the primary information, if you need more confirmation in order to decide if this is "good" or "bad" or something else, you can do it yourself.

And if your research is for a more important purpose than personal satisfaction, you really should be ashamed of asking someone else to do your job.

Comment Re:Telemetry, Update Rollbacks, UX (Score 1) 508

Meanwhile, some of us realize there isn't much use for a clutch pedal in a fully automatic car.

Sometimes updates remove functionality; it's silly to keep a UI element if it doesn't do anything. Sometimes the needs of the majority outweigh the needs of the power user; if the function is confusing for new users or could cause severe problems if misused, perhaps it's better to put it into an advanced area.

I suspect what you really want is the same functionality/UI with security updates and such. Not a bad idea, but it's not free for the developer to maintain old versions... so don't be surprised if they ask you to open your wallet.

Comment Re:Pretty awesome (Score 1) 154

Because it can still help with traffic flow.

Today when 4 cars approach an intersection from all directions at about the same time and all want to go straight, the current protocol would be for all to slow to a stop and wait in turn to proceed based on who stops first. But if they communicate, there would be no need to come to a complete stop... the vehicles would speed up and slow down in such a manner that they would avoid collisions.

Here's an example with an intersection of two 12-lane highways. All directions flow with just a slight reduction in speed compared with no intersection.

And, communication at a higher urban level could spread out traffic volume in order to produce the most optimal traffic flows. Increasing traffic flow helps to reduce the time it takes for each vehicle to reach its destination, and can also save quite a bit in fuel costs.

Comment Re:Volvo says it will be liable for any accidents (Score 1) 154

Precisely, the only times criminal liability would be a factor is if there is evidence that an employee tampered with the vehicle, management decided to ignore internal warnings that a design defect could cause loss of control, or if the manufacturer systematically cheated regulatory tests designed to find such problems.

Comment Re: One set to create the problem, one set to so (Score 1) 80

Well, they DO secure it. They made many tough decisions like including a breaking driver security model and UAC in Vista that ultimately gave them a very bad rap from users, but that be damned, it was much more secure. They have recently included (or will soon) a new kernel virtualization mode that makes it nearly impossible for even kernel-mode exploits and driver malware to cause damage to user-mode applications and data... because even the kernel doesn't have direct access to user mode processes.

You hate Microsoft, I get it. But get out of the 1990s; Microsoft security has been very serious for quite a while now.

Comment Re:Port? Really? (Score 1) 131

The only remaining question is why Apple, Google and Microsoft all insisted on making smart phones and tablets entirely new beasts, incompatible with each other and with the modular, cohesive, loosely coupled web-based application stack that is obviously the clear winner for just about everything else (sorry embedded device guys).

But, Microsoft didn't. UWP/WinRT apps can be built using HTML/JS/CSS. (Or C#/XAML, VB/XAML, C++/XAML, or C++/DirectX if that's what you prefer.) Additional APIs can be accessed for platform and device capabilities like notifications, live tiles, persistence, 3D printing, etc. And you get the same security sandbox guarantees.

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