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How a Key Enzyme Repairs Sun-Damaged DNA 97

BraveHeart writes "Researchers have long known that mammals, including humans, lack a key enzyme — one possessed by most of the animal kingdom and even plants — that reverses severe sun damage. For the first time, researchers have witnessed how this enzyme works at the atomic level to repair sun-damaged DNA. 'Normal sunscreen lotions convert UV light to heat, or reflect it away from our skin. A sunscreen containing photolyase could potentially heal some of the damage from UV rays that get through.'"

Comment Gadgets, social networking, games (Score 0) 818

The trilogy of always on instant gratification erodes young minds at an alarming rate. Turn off the electricity, take away the smart phone, plant a garden, go camping, go to the library, don't treat them like quail eggs, and your kids will rebound at a very brisk, healthy rate. Been there, done that with my kids. No more anxiety, no more cutting - presto chango.

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