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Comment: Re:No kidding (Score 1) 70

by bondiblueos9 (#44236233) Attached to: Arduino Enables a Low-Cost Space Revolution
Yeah I never understood that. Arduino is a good platform for testing or prototyping, since you have a lot of things you are going to use already provided on a board, and you can share your design with others that have the same hardware, but once your idea is solid and ready to be reproduced over and over, it just makes sense to build your own circuits around the controller.

Comment: Re:Ok, but... (Score 1) 383

You would have some sort of nano-machine select a cell, observe how it is connected to other cells, destroy that cell, and take its place, restoring the connections identically. It would also have to be able to form new connections and change existing ones, just like real brain cells. You introduce new nano-machines gradually over some amount of time. The machines could even create more of themselves, repair themselves, expand the brain, etc. Of course, all this would be complicated and beyond our current technology.

Comment: Re:Ok, but... (Score 5, Insightful) 383

Perhaps your consciousness could be transferred into an electronic brain the same way it was transferred from your brain several years ago to your current brain: cell by cell. If you could design an electronic brain that was identical to a biological brain and could replace it piece by piece and continue to function in the same way, then presumably you would never notice the transition.

Comment: Patentability and Public Disclosure (Score 1) 438

by bondiblueos9 (#39717473) Attached to: Will Write Code, Won't Sign NDA
I was under the impression that if you have an idea and you discuss it with anyone who has not signed a confidentiality agreement other than your spouse then it is considered by the patent office to have been publicly disclosed and thus ineligible to be patented. It is not just a matter of trust, it is a matter of legality.

Comment: Re:Improved Roaming (Score 1) 82

by bondiblueos9 (#39573875) Attached to: AT&T Microcell Disassembly; Security Flaws Exposed
Because then you are not using your existing cell phone anymore with your existing ATT number. You would have a second phone number for your wifi device, so you would have to set up call forwarding to the phone you are using when you are using the other one. Also you wouldn't be able to receive text messages when your cell phone doesn't have service. I get around this by using Google Voice with a variety of phone services, only giving out my Google Voice number.

Comment: Isn't everyone getting what they are paying for? (Score 1) 466

by bondiblueos9 (#31486634) Attached to: <em>BioShock 2's</em> First DLC Already On Disc
Everyone who bought the game bought it because of itself, not because some extra content might be on the disc. Then if they wanted the additional content, they paid extra for it and they were able to use it. How does it matter that the content was just unlocked instead of downloaded when they get the same result either way? I'm not trying to be a troll, I just don't understand the problem.

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