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Comment: Re:Focus on your local encryption method first (Score 2) 200

by bolt_the_dhampir (#45316551) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which Encrypted Cloud Storage Provider?
Parent needs voting up. With EncFS, you can even use the reverse function, in case you like your local files unencrypted for some reason, to get an encrypted "view" of the files and sync that. You can mount a remote Windows machine's drive, for instance, get an encrypted view of said drive and sync that to the cloud. Also, check out Jottacloud if you have a Windows machine available. I don't think their "unlimited storage" deal can be beaten.

Comment: Re:Words Mean Something (Score 1) 84

Don't forget the various subsets of "cloud computing".
If you have a "personal cloud", you actually do, at least least in part, control the computers. From the definition I got from Microsoft Norway, it pretty much just means your server room uses virtual machines in a dynamic way with lots of automation.

Comment: It's for experienced users (Score 1) 228

by bolt_the_dhampir (#40866359) Attached to: IT Support Pro Tells Why He Hates Live Chat
Every time someone new pops by #yourfavoritedistro on, they have to learn how to pose a question on IRC.

This includes figuring out what is relevant, what is not relevant, when to include a pastebin link with logs, config files and such, the exact command the user is typing, the expected output, the actual output and often also an explanation of the higher goal in case a whole different approach could be suggested.

New users also have issues with using needless abbreviations line "u" and "plz" and use the enter key as punctuation, making it very hard to follow their broken up sentences in crowded channels. Once you stop doing that and put your entire question in one message, don't make assumptions, paste your command and output exactly, the amount of help you can get from friendly voulenteers is nothing short of astonishing.

I know, it's a lot, but you get used to it, and it's great!

Comment: Re:Safe trip? (Score 1) 251

by bolt_the_dhampir (#40746139) Attached to: Sally Ride Takes Her Final Flight
To say something is "inexplicable", you first have to prove it is so. Otherwise I am very uncomfortable with you calling it that. I am much more comfortable with "we haven't figured that one out yet" and am willing to live my life either not having that information, or helping to figure it out, depending on what the information is. Deciding on one's own that something is "inexplicable" is a pointless activity and is probably detrimental to progress.

Comment: Random Redirection NOW! (Score 1) 165

by bolt_the_dhampir (#39088679) Attached to: Universities Agree To Email Monitoring For Copyright Agency
I really want to enroll there, make a little PHP script to redirect to a random link on either a newspaper, or the pirate bay (50% chance of each), and then distribute that link in an email. Wonder what they'd do with that. What about a site where if you aren't logged in, all links to its content redirect to copyrighted material? They aren't *really* going there, you just don't have access to where they actually go...

Comment: Are things that are easy to blow up still allowed? (Score 1) 373

by bolt_the_dhampir (#36364332) Attached to: Checkpoint of the Future Coming Soon To Airports
Can I still bring a cell phone and a laptop battery, fully charged and with their power controllers removed? Can I still bring a carry-on bag with two 1 meter reinforced steel rods connecting the handle, without anyone wondering if it could be dismantled and the steel rods used as quite effective swords? And will they still take my pencil, so I can't bring one to take notes while I make the laptop battery explode? Will they still not allow my modded PSP because it's see-through and the sight of electronics scares the shit out of them?

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