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Comment: Re:Good grief. Religious zealots really annoy me. (Score 1) 356

by bofh69 (#38969327) Attached to: Is the Earth Gaining Or Losing Mass?

Wrong. Simply raising the the temperature of an object does not raise the mass. What are you guys smoking?

We're smoking Einstein's old pajama pants. Also, we're correct and you aren't. Higher temperature means more energy in a system. More energy means more mass. Yeah, it's a little weird. It's also an inevitable consequence of the constant speed of light, and the conservation of momentum and energy. Starting with those three assumptions you can prove that E=mc^2.

To do the math:
1 kg of Carbon Steel raised 1 degree Kelvin will gain 5.45e-9 grams

Specific heat of Carbon Steel = 490 J/(g*K)
Energy required to raise 1 kg 1 degree K = 490*g*K = 490*1000*1 = 490000 joules (kg*m^2/s^2)
mass of 490000 joules = m = E/c^2 = 490000 kg*m^2/s^2 /8.99e16 m^2/s^2 = 5.45e-12 kg or 5.45e-9 g

Comment: Re:If you can't look at something you can't attack (Score 1) 398

by bofh69 (#38369956) Attached to: UK Police Test 'Temporarily Blinding' LASER

There's some sort of weird stupidity from the people buying these items for governments, so they believe all the hype about new gadgets, and don't ask what happens when the problem tries to route around it.

This is an excellent point. I mean forget about attacking the person who was pointing the weapon. Look at the big picture: Something terrible is wrong politically and a large mass of people are protesting it in a nonviolent way. You bring out your crowd control weapons. You disperse the protestors. Job done, right?

What do you think those people are going to do if you make nonviolent protesting unavailable? Thank you for your benevolence and then go home and give up? Forget all about the fact that they can't find a job and are heading for bankruptcy?

The protesters are not the problem. The protesters are the symptom. Fighting the symptom doesn't solve the problem. And not solving the problem will only give it enough time to turn into a disaster.

JFK said: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

"Now this is a totally brain damaged algorithm. Gag me with a smurfette." -- P. Buhr, Computer Science 354