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Potentially Huge Legal Boost for EU File Traders 98

Mishtara2001 writes "BusinessWeek reports that a high court adviser in the EU has decided that ISPs are not required to reveal information to authorities, when users are suspected of music piracy. If this is adopted across the EU then it can potentially spell doom for the IFPI's (the global RIAA) efforts to litigate against European P2P users. From the article: 'Promusicae wanted the personal data so that it could start taking legal action against the file sharers, but Telefonica claimed that it could only turn over such information as part of a criminal prosecution or in matters of public security and national defense. A Spanish court hearing the case referred the issue to the ECJ for guidance on how to interpret EU law on the subject and Ms Kokott's legal opinion is the advice for the ECJ judges who will eventually rule on a recommendation for the Spanish court to take. The final court decision is expected later this year. Once it comes out, it could form the basis for similar decisions throughout the 27-member EU bloc.'"

Feed Science Daily: One In 25 Online Youth Asked To Send Sexual Pictures Of Themselves (sciencedaily.com)

One in 25 youth who use the Internet got a request to transmit a sexual picture of themselves during the course of the year, according to a new study. This development represents a new peril for young people created by the fusion of digital photography and the Internet, say the authors of the study. According to the study, very few of those surveyed actually complied with the requests, but given the millions of youth online, thousands of children may potentially be sending such pictures.

Feed EU's intelligent cameras could nix the infamous 'bag drop' (engadget.com)

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One of the oldest and most successful tricks in the book could be finally meeting its match, as the infamous "bag drop" seen in countless silver screen suspense flicks is now the focal point of the European Union's latest investment in intelligent cameras. The EU has partnered with ten other companies and research institutes to fund the $3.11 million ISCAPS (Integrated Surveillance of Crowded Areas for Public Security) project, which does a fair job in and of itself explaining the duties. While the Brits are wading through gobs of surveillance issues in their own land, this attempt to utilize smart camera systems to pick up "abandoned bags, erratic movements, loitering, or suspicious vehicle movements" could cause quite a bit of fuss right next door. The crew has purportedly done extensive interviewing with security experts to program in what could be classified as dodgy behavior in a bustling locale, but the ultimate decision to approach someone of their motives would still be left up to a human (at least for the time being). Looks like your plans to pull off a Thomas Crown Affair of your own just got spoiled, eh?

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Ancient Star Found, Estimated at 13.2 Billion Years Old 377

raguirre writes "An article on Physorg.org reports that a newly found star may be as old as the universe itself. Recent studies have concluded that the Big Bang occurred somewhere in the neighborhood of 13.7 Billion years ago. The star, a heavy-elements laden fossil labeled HE 1523-0901 on charts was probably born right around the same time; approximately 13.2 Billion years ago. 'Today, astronomer Anna Frebel of the the University of Texas at Austin McDonald Observatory and her colleagues have deduced the star's age based on the amounts of radioactive elements it contains compared to certain other "anchor" elements, specifically europium, osmium and iridium.'"
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Journal Journal: Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

A poem for johndiii:

When at last I see thy Ravenous Bug Blatter Beast of Traal
My heart swells with Rich Tea biscuits of the British Rail.
MIlk and Oreo cookies pulse through my mouth

All the world could jump up at the exact same time and cause an earthquake but for being late to catch the train

Oh Mr. John (Wayne),
You make me write poetry
As I wander if /. will let me post
as many times today as this strikes me

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