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Comment Re:Unregulated speech, must stop at all costs! (Score 1) 259 259

For me, "performance," is where the act meets the audience as much as where the act is carried-out...

Well, then. We should all adopt your definition of the term. There's a reason art is subjective - as long as the consumer and the producer agree that it's a performance, it doesn't matter what you or the dictionary call it.

I see a lot of people getting very passionate when they're probably not terribly knowledgeable about the situation.

Evidently, that includes you.

I don't know what the man's warrants are for, though given the culture surrounding rap and hip-hop I'm guessing that they're not for the same kinds of things that Edward Snowden is wanted for.

His warrants are for missing child support payments. And btw, that's the whole idea behind free speech -- all speech, good, bad, and ugly, is worth protecting.

You are now conflating freedom with intent and quality, which is a slippery slope.

Comment Re:Except those folks don't reject the word (Score 1) 11 11

Slightly different point than I was pursuing.
It's one thing to quote scripture among those, Roman Catholic or otherwise (I'm of the Baptist variety) who hold it authoritative.
It's quite another to quote it among those for whom the Bible is just so many words.

Comment Re:You outed yourself (Score 1) 24 24

If you are against allowing homosexual couples and individuals exactly the same rights and privileges as heterosexual couples and individuals, you are a bigot!

Exactly the same? Exactly the same? They have exactly the same opportunity to do exactly the same things that any heterosexual couple does.
I understand that you're exercising "the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption".
I understand that, mathematically, you're saying 2+2=5, for small values of 5, and if I don't toe your line, => I <= am some kind of socially reprehensible bigot, and I'm supposed to feel all bad and stuff about being Politically Incorrect, and any evil things that happen to me are my fault for refusing to buy your ersatz gospel.
My only ask of you is for the development underlying 2+2=5. On my way to the gallows for defending the truth, I should like to peruse your proof for form not following function.
No H8, just idle curiosity.

Comment Re:So, it's a "conspiracy" if its about a Democrat (Score 1) 164 164

The main reason why I don't consider this to be a "sane" web site is because they refuse to acknowledge their profound bend towards conservatism.

Well, this is certainly not a social conservative website, and thus comes off as more libertarian to me.

When some people discover the truth, they just can't understand why everybody isn't eager to hear it.