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Comment: Garbage In Garbage Out (Score 2) 710

by bobwalt (#47456485) Attached to: People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use
Does anyone else find a story published by a conservative British newspaper criticizing climate change a bit suspicious? Or perhaps question the validity of a survey consisting of just 250 people for the entire UK? All one has to do is follow the money that fights climate change to see who has a vested interest in keeping the world addicted to fossil fuels.

Comment: Re:Essentually India has an ICBM (Score 1) 126

by bobwalt (#45916235) Attached to: India Launches Indigenous Cryogenic Rocket
You are not thinking, Japan does not have thermonuclear weapons. When a country has thermonuclear weapons delivery system become a concern. The accusation of racism is just plain silly for by your own statement Japan is not included. I am not concerned with chemical plants in Morocco or Uranium in Argentina, however, I am a bit concerned about countries who posses thermonuclear weapon and either do not have complete control over the areas in their countries or have enough clean water and food for their population. This is the realist approach to the situation, I would suggest a little more grounding in International Relations.

+ - Chameleons Change Color To Win Territory, Females

Submitted by mbstone
mbstone (457308) writes "Color change in chameleons isn't just for blending in, as is commonly assumed. According to scientists at Arizona State University, male chameleons' success in competing with one another depends on who has the brighter stripes and who can change color the fastest. In the study, the males were placed facing one another and watched with hidden cameras. Whether a given pair fought, or stayed away from one another, correlated with differences in color brightness between the two. (Images)"

Comment: Re:good for them (Score 1) 75

by bobwalt (#45666039) Attached to: Google Opens Asian Data Centers But Shuns China and India
Getting some newspaper publishers' support for anti-communism is quite a bit different from government control. I don't recall newspapers shut down and their publishers jailed during the Civil Rights Movement and I remember reading quite a bit about it in the newspapers at the time. In fact without publicity Martin Luther King's non violence movement would have never worked. However, it is true that for a long time both the CIA and much of the State Department were populated by Cold Warriors and felt anything anti-communist was justified. It is also interesting to note, however, that it did come to light which never would have happened in China.

Comment: Re:good for them (Score 4, Insightful) 75

by bobwalt (#45660031) Attached to: Google Opens Asian Data Centers But Shuns China and India
It is more like Hong Kong's much touted liberties are more illusion than reality. What freedoms Hong Kong has only exists at the whim of China's central government. Indeed, Beijing has made it clear they will not let Hong Kong go too far. China has never really understood freedom of the press that is why they made such a concerted effort to hack US newspapers. They just do not believe a country can allow a press that is not controlled by the government. They had hoped to find proof that the US government has total control of the US press, I guess they didn't find it.

Comment: Re:Captured at the end of the War (Score 2) 123

by bobwalt (#45590899) Attached to: Japanese Aircraft-Carrying Super Submarine From WWII Located Off Hawaii
In 1939 at battle of Khalkhyn Gol then commander Zhukov taught the Japanese a healthy respect for the Red Army. After that encounter the Japan did not want to challenge the Soviets. It came as quite a shock as they expected the that the Japanese warrior spirit would make them vastly superior to the Red Army. What they found, instead, was that the Red Army completely out classed them in modern warfare.

Comment: Re:Intel (Score 0) 113

by bobwalt (#45563139) Attached to: Intel Linux Driver Now Nearly As Fast As Windows OpenGL Driver
Only if you don't want to play modern games. It has the performance of a chip that is several years old and most games would be unplayable at an LCDs native resolution. The GeForce 740m that you compare it to is not much better. It will be a cold day in hell before a thin and light can play real games. Marketing these as gaming machines does the consumer a grave disservice.

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