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Comment: Re:Hundreds? (Score 1) 80

by bobstreo (#47366121) Attached to: Time Warner Cable Customers Beg Regulators To Block Sale To Comcast

TWC has 2.2 million cable TV, Internet, and phone customers in 1,150 New York communities, and hundreds of them have called...

I'm thinking that's not going to impress the FTC.

The good news is that Comcast is planning on losing 3.9 million customers to ease the approval process. NY could be a large chunk of that:

Comment: Re:blah !! (Score 1) 116

by bobstreo (#47136053) Attached to: Huawei Successfully Tests New 802.11ax WiFi Standard At 10.53Gbps

what the big deal if the router to the ISP is a measly 1.5mbps or 10mbps ? like you can download faster than your ISP can provide
The bottle neck is the up and download link to your ISP. They need to solve that problem.

Perhaps the 802.xx working group should work with the ISP to find that solution first.

Perhaps to stream the 4k or higher videos from your storage to your display device.

Comment: Re:No bluetooth? (Score 1) 182

Why would they include it? I've never seen someone use a BlueTooth device with a tablet, and I'm an iPad developer. Dropping something that no one uses is a great way to drop the price. I guess now your kind is going to whine about it not having an RS-232 port or Firewire. Neither of those are not used much any longer, so I don't understand why so many of you people bitch about an iPad not having them. The public just doesn't need serial ports or Firewire on their tablets no matter what you say.

Maybe using a ps3 or wiimote controller for MAME?

Comment: Re:Some sour lemons (Score 2) 192

Don't listen to all these bitter pricks.

Execs know the job of IT is to maintain systems and to increase work-efficiency through collaborative technology.

Instead of being boring "yeah everything fine, piss off" announce internal initiatives and goals that even a commoner can understand. Talk about important milestones or stories of exceptional (and actual) personal achievement. If you track your hours, announce how many man-hours were placed into a particular project. Show me the numbers.

If you fall into that "we work hard" crying bullshit, fuck you. My cat works trying to get that god damn dot with no results. I want to see results that people OUTSIDE OF IT actually like. If you did something that took 5,000 hours and everything sucks and the users don't like it... why did you do it in the first place? That's when the inquisitions start.

And include metrics like hours/money saved by efforts, improvements to the corporate bottom line. Metrics about improved efficiency. Metrics showing things like help desk calls by technology. THEN you make the pretty graphs. You could work on some initiatives like providing dashboarding for anything THEY think is of value so they can just look at nice green and red buttons on a single screen.

I'd also like to suggest examining the users that have submitted the most (non value) Help Desk tickets to see if you can have them killed, umm I mean downsized.

Comment: Re:And As Usual... (Score 1) 196

by bobstreo (#46827081) Attached to: OnePlus One Revealed: a CyanogenMod Smartphone

...No card slot, no keyboard, no daylight readable screen, and therefore no sale.

Why do companies insist on copying the same lack of features of the big-name manufacturers while still calling themselves "revolutionary?" It's just another clone phone, the Toyota Camry of boring copycat "me too" featureless blank slates that already flood the marketplace.


No microSD card slot? A non-removable battery? Into the trash it goes.

I was a little disappointed when I found out that you had to be invited to have the option of buying one but I wasn't aware they had gotten rid of the microSD slot and removable battery so I guess I'll be looking at the Galaxy S5 instead even if I had an invite. For the life of me I don't understand why people consider a non-removable battery (and batteries are very prone to failures) to be a feature; I like to have spares in case I go somewhere charging is not possible or convenient or in the more likely case the original battery loses its ability to keep a charge like I've experienced with two different Li-Ion batteries.

Is there a real need for an SD slot when you have 64GB of storage available?

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