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Submission + - iOS update bricks iPhones with 3rd party repairs (nhv.us)

bobmorning writes: Any reason to stay far far away from the Apple Ecosystem. It amazes me that folks gladly fork over their consumer rights to Apple. Anyhow here is the story by John DiPietro at New Hampshire Voice:

"Many Apple iPhone users have claimed that their iPhone 6 stopped working after the newest update permanently disables the phone if it detects that the smartphone has been repaired by a non-Apple technician. The latest operating system released by Apple renders the phone completely useless if it has been repaired by non-Apple technician, according to latest news reports. The issue has been termed as “Error 53” and the phone will be permanently disabled in such cases.

Comment Passed around again (Score 1) 1305

Really, /. has been sold/transferred how many times now since inception?

This site is like the chick who dates the entire football team! Who hasn't owned Slashdot?

I hope it gets better because my visits are getting fewer and farther between due to:

1) Asinine stories that have nothing to do with technology

2) Posting shit that happened months ago

3) Linking to Forbes or any pay walled site. If you have to pay to read the source it should be a non-starter that the story doesn't make the cut.

Suggestion: Keep the classic motif for those of us who have been here for a decade or more.

The quality has definitely been in the basement during the previous owners tenure. Let's hope for the best with the new owner. Else I'll be spending my time at soylentnews.org and other sites.

Comment Clueless IAB (Score 1) 118

Here is the email conversation I had with IAB yesterday, so gullible! For those that listen to classic radio you will know who Dr Corey is.


Thanks for the heads up.

Tools that circumvent ad blocking are part of the suite of options we feel should be available to publishers when they're having a conversation with their site visitors about the value of their content and services. Not all publishers will want to simply bypass ad blocking - some will choose different tactics.

We've seen a variety of technologies developed to reinsert ads when ad blocking is in use by the client. This technology has been determined to be out of scope for IAB and the Tech Lab - it's something that will be better developed, distributed, and maintained by competitive parties.

Let me know if you have additional questions. /brendan.

Brendan Riordan-Butterworth Director, Technical Standards Interactive Advertising Bureau (212) 609-3734 / Skype: BrendanIAB brendan@iab.net

-----Original Message-----


Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 12:48 PM

To: adblocking

Subject: Adblock circumvention best practices

Just returned from a meeting with some grad students at University of Maryland.

They have managed to figure out how to work past AdBlock, it is simply amazing that they have this technology. I understand they are forming an LLC to monetize the technology. You can contact them at itsc@umd.edu Ask them to put you in contact with Dr. Patrick Cory, they are referencing the work under the project name "Donovan's Brain". Go figure.

Best of luck in fighting this battle.

Comment Re:Two words (Score 2) 87

Agree! If you can't do encryption within the database at least use self-encrypting HDD that do the encryption in firmware before the data is written to the platter. Done correctly, the database, apps, and O/S won't have a clue that encryption is being done at the hardware layer. People need to start going to jail for this crap. Between OPM and two other financial institutions I used in the past I am under credit watch from 3 organizations. Hell, I have no pretense that my PII data is actually private any longer.

Comment Re:Blast Door Art (Score 2) 85

I was a Missile Combat Crew member at Minot, ND in the mid 1980's. Served in the 741 Strategic Missile Squadron and in the Instructor shop. The standing motto among the crew members was "Run towards the light...." You really didn't want to survive if the SIOP was executed. Interesting tour of duty for a young lieutenant back in the days when the Russians were truly the enemy and the cold war was alive and well. The keys were a good 12 feet apart and had decent spring return mechanisms to foil the attempt at rigging up some type of simultaneous key turn by one individual. Many other safe guards and checks were in place but I'm unsure of what can and can't be disclosed.

Comment Not going there unless..... (Score 1) 203

Until you can ship my stuff to me in a day or two, I'll stick with Prime. I am not about to enter a WalMart store and deal with Bubba and his family. I have seen enough of the Walmart shopper to last a lifetime. I'll pay the annual membership to Wallie World if they can get their service close to the Amazon model. Otherwise, I'll pass. I bought a hefty amount of the stock the other day when it dropped like a stone. I do believe I'll get a nice return but it won't be with my funds fueling their register

Comment Re:Model Railroader Magazine (Score 1) 149

Only get MR if you want to read material for the same old authors, month after month (Pelle Soeburg:  looking at you and your tired writing).

Go to Model-Railroad-Hobbyists.com    Online, downloadable, and advertiser supported.   And no I have no financial interest in MRH.

Looking to integrate your IT and electronic hobbyist interest with your model railroad?  Go visit JMRI (google it).

I have been modeling since 1975 and have JMRI running my layout, use my android phone as a throttle, and it controls my signaling system.

Model Railroader is a great hobby, you can do as little or as much as you want and the online resources are readily available.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 2219

Concur, why the change?

I have been here for years and the site has truly went downhill.   The quality of the submissions, the topics being picked, the duplicate submissions, and the move toward topical submissions that are asinine and belong over at TSG or TMZ or some other fluff site.

I want my hardcore tech, I want to read what the subject matter experts have to say.

Go back to your roots or close the doors.

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