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Comment Not going there unless..... (Score 1) 203

Until you can ship my stuff to me in a day or two, I'll stick with Prime. I am not about to enter a WalMart store and deal with Bubba and his family. I have seen enough of the Walmart shopper to last a lifetime. I'll pay the annual membership to Wallie World if they can get their service close to the Amazon model. Otherwise, I'll pass. I bought a hefty amount of the stock the other day when it dropped like a stone. I do believe I'll get a nice return but it won't be with my funds fueling their register

Comment Re:Model Railroader Magazine (Score 1) 149

Only get MR if you want to read material for the same old authors, month after month (Pelle Soeburg:  looking at you and your tired writing).

Go to    Online, downloadable, and advertiser supported.   And no I have no financial interest in MRH.

Looking to integrate your IT and electronic hobbyist interest with your model railroad?  Go visit JMRI (google it).

I have been modeling since 1975 and have JMRI running my layout, use my android phone as a throttle, and it controls my signaling system.

Model Railroader is a great hobby, you can do as little or as much as you want and the online resources are readily available.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 2219

Concur, why the change?

I have been here for years and the site has truly went downhill.   The quality of the submissions, the topics being picked, the duplicate submissions, and the move toward topical submissions that are asinine and belong over at TSG or TMZ or some other fluff site.

I want my hardcore tech, I want to read what the subject matter experts have to say.

Go back to your roots or close the doors.

Comment Re:Shocking (Score 1) 409

Really.   Your shocked?

I used to work for them.  If you weren't a poster boy or girl 30 something and had the CQ/Vogue look, you weren't part of the in crowd.  I was at the US Federal Consultancy practice out of Bethesda spent most of my time there on the road dealing with technical/install/performance issues for the various 3 letter agencies.  I quit because I grew tired of having to reset the customer's expectations on what the product did/could do/or perform due to the lies that pre-sales and sales would lay on the customer to close the deal.

I lived for the end of the quarter to see how many sales punks were going out the door with their banker boxes cause they missed quota....

Met Larry once, what a pompous ass.

Submission + - Cell Phone Detector - How does it work?? (

bobmorning writes: New phone detector that seemingly works by magic. Did they discover something everyone else missed or is this BS?

From the article:
"The Manta Ray, made by Berkeley Varitronics Systems, can find phones through walls and other barriers even if their batteries and SIM cards are removed. The materials that the handheld detector can penetrate include aluminum, brass, copper, concrete and plasterboard, according to the company. The device, available from the company's website for $499, has been demonstrated in YouTube videos"

Comment Times are a changing (Score 1) 1521

I cannot remember when I first joined slashdot, it's been part of my IT persona for so long. I do remember spending hours reading posts while doing DBA work in the dead of night and waiting for Oracle imports/exports to finish. Now as a VP of IT I still make slashdot one of my daily stops (although now I do read quite a bit of it on my Android RSS reader). Wishing you the best Rob. Never met you, you don't know me; but we shared a lot in common.

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