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+ - Clearwire wimax rolls out Clearwater Florida, not!

Submitted by bobm3
bobm3 (899166) writes "Clearwire website shows my home address as having coverage as well as my office. The best buy store quarter mile from my house as well. Great! On rollout day I signup at best buy and lease a mobile hot spot from clear wire rep and happily head home. But it will not connect at home. After over an hour with the Indian tech support they decide the hotspot is broken. India calls best buy to make special arrangements to replace the device. Great! Next day I grt the new device. Same thing no connection even though clear wire website says I am in area. Now I try at the best buy store. In parking lot in front of the store it connects to 4G side of building out side nothing at all. So I head to work again website shows in coverage are and congratulates me that I am in service area. But again no connection at all. Another hour on tech support and they tell me the maps are not always correct. Now I am driving around using my iPad clearwire app where the app tells me there is coverage there is not in many loctions. Where the map tells me there is no coverage often the clearwire device lights up with 4G coverage. It is clear that clearwire has no idea where their coverage is in the Clearwater Florida area. Be warned about signing any contract stuff with them."

Planned Nuclear Reactors Will Destroy Atomic Waste 344

Posted by Soulskill
from the but-where-will-we-get-our-superheroes dept.
separsons writes "A group of French scientists are developing a nuclear reactor that burns up actinides — highly radioactive uranium isotopes. They estimate that 'the volume of high-level nuclear waste produced by all of France’s 58 reactors over the past 40 years could fit in one Olympic-size swimming pool.' And they're not the only ones trying to eliminate atomic waste: Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin are working on a fusion-fission reactor. The reactor destroys waste by firing streams of neutrons at it, reducing atomic waste by up to 99 percent!"

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