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Submission + - Major Internet Outage Affecting Users In The Northwest US (

bobcat7677 writes: A problem with the Sprint network is causing major headaches for businesses and individuals. Sprint claims the issue started with a fibre cut in Wisconsin, while the concentration of users affected seems to be in the Northwest US.

I had to VPN to another local data center that is not using Sprint routes to have a stable enough connection to post this story. When on my local connection, most of my packets get lost being routed to Tokyo, Kansas or Australia for no apparent reason.


Submission + - Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 available (

bobcat7677 writes: "Get it while it's hot. My Firefox beta just updated itself to Beta 2. I have to say I'm highly impressed. Memory leaks fixed, stability improved, overall memory footprint noticeably reduced, and it's easily the fastest browser I have ever used, not to mention various widgets that have been enhanced. See the release notes HERE or download Beta 2 HERE."

Submission + - News for nerds - Anna Nicole Smith is Dead

RubbedOutDept writes: Many news outlets are reporting that Anna Nicole Smith has died. Yahoo News I'm sure many a slashdot reader will be deeply saddened by this news. And it seems approprite that we should have a forum here available for men to reminise and conspiracy theorists to discuss the strange progression of events.

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