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Comment: Re:4 hours to respond (Score 1) 286

by boarder8925 (#44752625) Attached to: Angry Customer Buys Promoted Tweets To Bash British Airways
Did you get that time by looking at the tweet yourself? Because Twitter shows tweet times according to the time zone you're viewing a tweet from. So if I in North Carolina send something out at 8:39pm and you read it in Houston, Texas, Twitter will tell you I posted it at 7:39pm.

Comment: Re:Limit Lawyer fees to the actual compensation (Score 1) 212

by boarder8925 (#44564435) Attached to: Class-action Suit Filed Against Microsoft Over Surface Write Off

I think we should make lawyers subject to malpractice laws too...

Great idea, but the problem with it is that the lawyers are the ones who write the laws. Even if they did pass something like what you're suggesting, they'd word it so carefully that basically nothing would change.

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