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Comment Re:A different way to use a comet (Score 1) 99

Sounds a bit like Dirk Gently's method of driving applied to space travel:

[...] he had a tremendous propensity for getting lost when driving. This was largely because of his "Zen" method of navigation, which was simply to find any car that looked as if it knew where it was going and follow it. The results were more often surprising than successful, but he felt it was worth it for the sake of the few occasions when it was both.

Well, more like the attitude. I dig it.

Comment Re:4 hours to respond (Score 1) 286

Did you get that time by looking at the tweet yourself? Because Twitter shows tweet times according to the time zone you're viewing a tweet from. So if I in North Carolina send something out at 8:39pm and you read it in Houston, Texas, Twitter will tell you I posted it at 7:39pm.

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