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Comment Re:Just what I want (Something like it) (Score 1) 360

The way you have to uninstall programs in windows is so tedious. You have to uninstall one program at a time and click though all the wizards. It would be awesome if you could just uncheck all the programs you want to remove and it would be all automated. Linux does the install/remove process right.

Comment get from other countries (Score 1) 372

I see other people commenting that it would be cheaper to just go to another country to get your pills because it is cheaper but how is this possible? You can just go to another country with your prescription and get your pills? A pharmacy will just take your prescription from a doctor that is not even from the same country? A doctor doesn't need to be licensed in that country to fill the prescription? Can anyone answer this?

A Week After Apple's Fix, Flashback Still Infects Half a Million Macs 161

Sparrowvsrevolution writes "Security firm Dr. Web released new statistics Friday showing that the process of eliminating Flashback from Macs is proceeding far slower than expected: On Friday the security firm, which first spotted the Mac botnet earlier this month, released new data showing that 610,000 active infected machines were counted Wednesday and 566,000 were counted Thursday. That's a slim decrease from the peak of 650,000 to 700,000 machines infected with the malware when Apple released its cleanup tool for the trojan late last week. Earlier in the week, Symantec reported that only 140,000 machines remained infected, but admitted Friday that an error in its measurement caused it to underestimate the remaining infections, and it now agrees with Dr. Web's much more pessimistic numbers."

Comment Re:All those people... (Score 1) 85

Most people in the USA have duplicate first+last name....if you live in US, put your name here: Only 3 people have my first + last name

Does anyone know of a site like this for other countries? I live in canada and just wanted to check it out. Just for the heck of it I entered my name into the site above and it came back as 1 or fewer with my first and last name.

Comment Re:Still doesnt excuse (Score 1) 280

Most indie games seem to take one approach or the other, either be a clone, or be completely different than anything else (or a clone with a *twist*! that might as well be a clone).

What kind of game do you want that isn't a clone and not something completely different than anything else? What does that leave you?

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