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Comment: Re:Dunk your own computer! (Score 1) 63

by bmorency (#45424438) Attached to: New Approach To Immersion Cooling Powers HPC In a High Rise
Looking at the video the cpu and power supply fans are still attached and spinning. How does this affect the life of the fans as the are pushing around a liquid instead of just air? Do the fans do much as all the components are in the liquid? Does anyone know more about this?

A Week After Apple's Fix, Flashback Still Infects Half a Million Macs 161

Posted by timothy
from the retract-all-advice-to-mom dept.
Sparrowvsrevolution writes "Security firm Dr. Web released new statistics Friday showing that the process of eliminating Flashback from Macs is proceeding far slower than expected: On Friday the security firm, which first spotted the Mac botnet earlier this month, released new data showing that 610,000 active infected machines were counted Wednesday and 566,000 were counted Thursday. That's a slim decrease from the peak of 650,000 to 700,000 machines infected with the malware when Apple released its cleanup tool for the trojan late last week. Earlier in the week, Symantec reported that only 140,000 machines remained infected, but admitted Friday that an error in its measurement caused it to underestimate the remaining infections, and it now agrees with Dr. Web's much more pessimistic numbers."

Comment: Re:All those people... (Score 1) 85

by bmorency (#38720128) Attached to: China Internet Users Hit Half a Billion

Most people in the USA have duplicate first+last name....if you live in US, put your name here: http://howmanyofme.com/ Only 3 people have my first + last name

Does anyone know of a site like this for other countries? I live in canada and just wanted to check it out. Just for the heck of it I entered my name into the site above and it came back as 1 or fewer with my first and last name.

Comment: Re:Still doesnt excuse (Score 1) 280

by bmorency (#36822042) Attached to: Carmack Addresses FPS Creativity Concerns

Most indie games seem to take one approach or the other, either be a clone, or be completely different than anything else (or a clone with a *twist*! that might as well be a clone).

What kind of game do you want that isn't a clone and not something completely different than anything else? What does that leave you?

Comment: Re:So true (Score 1) 366

by bmorency (#35263838) Attached to: The Death of BCC
I wish people would use BCC when sending an email to a bunch of people they don't know. It also helps to not advertise everyone's email address. A co-worker got an email , I think it was just a joke or something from someone that she knows and it had a lot of people in the to field. Not too long after she received that email she got another mesage from someone else that must have been in the list saying thanks for everyone's email address. So now a spammer got a hold of all these people's active email addresses.

It's also a pain when people forward these type of messages and leave everyone elses addresses that received this message prior.

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