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Comment Re:Quote (Score 1) 284

They just don't have the streaming rights anymore.

Then they lost every single one of their customers that are like us: we *don't* have cable TV and never want it and OTA TV is out of the question because this is New Hampshire and there are too many mountains (thus we get WMUR nooz by going to their website).

The only CATV provider where we live is Comcast and their awful bundling choices and shit service. Sorry, no, we're not doing that.

Back to torrenting. Fuck'em. Not kidding.


Comment Re:No one should *ever* wonder why... (Score 1) 275

It's with the conservative authoritarians

It's more like authoritarians of all stripes, but the conservative authoritarians are the loudest and most numerous. (Left wing authoritarians, the ones that waved Mao's little red book or quoted Trotsky or Lenin aren't much of an issue at all these days). There are those who would have a breathalizer (MADD followers) built into the dash of every car, but they're seen as nutty.

Dr. Bob has a nice paper about this stuff:


Comment Re:Microsoft will be stopped (Score 1) 394

"and they might be able to get away with checking for known cracked exe signatures and deleting them as "malware", but any actual spying will fall foul of data protection laws."

This actually happens if you have Windows Defender set to delete malware automagically. I'm not sure if it's set that way by default in 10, but I've seen at least one person lose hard-to-find 10 year old cracks that Defender labeled as "malware" after an install of 10.

The more I look at this stuff from the relative safety of the Linux universe, the more I want to stay the fuck away.


Comment Re:With all these attacks, (Score 2) 123

With all the vulnerabilities we've seen with desktop computers, you'd expect there would have been a major virus that would wipe everyone's hard drive. So far, we haven't seen that, though. Why not?

Because there's no money in it and malware writers are no longer the pimply-faced-youth (PFY) looking to just break things.

No, it's organized crime now. Instead of wiping computers, it's about creating armies of botted computers. It's about bot-herding, and renting out botted computers at literally a nickle a piece (for a limited time only!) for various nefarious tasks. Wiping hard disks is just decapitating the sheep instead of shearing them on a regular basis.

And then there are the drive-encryptors/ransomware that for a fee (in bitcoins, naturally) you can get the other half of the RSA key that encrypted your data when you ran "happy99.exe" or browsed a website with the wrong ad network whilst having a flash vulnerability. Police departments have even run afoul of this.

Attacking gas pumps is useless if you just do denial of service or fuck with volumes randomly with no purpose. However, you'd have to be a complete moron to not see that you can extract money from gas pumps if you can compromise them.


Comment Re:Bullcrap (Score 4, Interesting) 515

Just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

I've migrated myself back in 98. I've migrated other people. It's been getting easier to migrate people since Ubuntu Dapper which came out 9 years ago.

I'm going to migrate my wife to it, probably this week. She's fed up with 7, hates 8.x and read about the privacy stuff for 10. As a social activist, she wants no part of the "give everything to the cloud" stupidity.

Speaking of which, after analyzing what passes for a privacy policy for 10, it is completely HIPAA non-compliant. It basically says "we don't guarantee that your data won't leak from our servers, so enjoy your $50K fines and lawsuits." HIPAA covers not only hospitals and doctors, but other health care workers as well, including private contractors that do hospice and elderly care at the huge wage of $15-$17/hr, who simply /cannot afford/ to hire someone to harden their Windows laptops. 10 is a fucking nightmare for HIPAA - unsafe at any speed. Windows is the Corvair of OSes.



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