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Comment: Re:cheaper perhaps (Score 1) 150

Imagine I show up at your house and tell you I'm going to dig an 8' deep trench across your yard for Fiber. What are you going to do? And your neighbor?

What I'm going to do is invite you to connect it to my home while you're at it.

What my neighbors do is a different story entirely.

Comment: Re:NSA failed to halt subprime lending, though. (Score 1) 698

by bmk67 (#45716901) Attached to: NSA Says It Foiled Plot To Destroy US Economy Through Malware

Quite true. Under US law, "WMD" includes any rifle with a bore larger than 0.50", and anything explosive for use against persons or property, including hand grenades. So of course Saddam's army had WMDs.

You're conflating terms. Those are considered "Destructive Devices", a legal term of art having nothing to do with Weapons of Mass Destruction, a politcal term of art.

Comment: Re:Can someone please explain ... (Score 1) 658

by bmk67 (#45262085) Attached to: Oregon Extends Push To Track, Tax Drivers Per Mile

And neither does a mileage based tax! What a coincidence! No one is required to report their mileage for taxes, and there's no infrastructure to handle the case where someone drives outside of the state.

You're apparently unfamiliar with the logistics and politics surrounding the particular crossing that I spoke of.

No politician, sane or not, would propose putting even a voluntary border stop at that particular crossing without also solving the current congestion issues in the area - which requires replacing the bridge, and that is currently DOA because of the politics involved.

If you want to see a border checkpoint, drive farther south to California where you'll see agricultural check stations.

I'm well aware of the border stops in California for the purpose of enforcing California laws. Know of any operated by Oregon? Or operated by anyone else for the purpose of enforcing Oregon law?

Comment: Re:Can someone please explain ... (Score 1) 658

by bmk67 (#45261503) Attached to: Oregon Extends Push To Track, Tax Drivers Per Mile

What if I take my car and drive across the country and back?

You stop at the border inspection station [...]

I'm sorry, you stop at the what?

I cross the Oregon-Washington border at least twice every weekday, and I can assure you that no such thing exists on that particular border crossing - or any other within the state of Oregon, for that matter.

Comment: Re:False rumor? (Score 1) 477

by bmk67 (#45086939) Attached to: HP CEO Meg Whitman To Employees: No More Telecommuting For You

You can have me in the office at the crack of 10:30. Don't expect any meaningful work before.. oops, lunchtime! Off to the pub for my daily four beer lunch. Toodles!

Where were we then? Oh yesh. I don't want to get a DUII on my way home, so I'll be napping under my desk until 6.

Fired? What do you mean, "You're fired"?

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