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Comment Re:Or put another way... (Score 1) 398

They don't expect you to click on ads in every case. They expect you to remember WXY Corp when you're about to buy a widget or service they offer. Which is why they want their ads to be so obnoxious, so you will remember.

I do remember, but not in the way that obnoxious advertisers want me to. I'll go out of my way to avoid their products.

Comment Re:Skip the 18 billion fine (Score 1) 471

And yet, you're apparently perfectly OK with harming actual, living people who are innocent in this in your desire to punish the guilty artificial "persons".

How about fining the company and sending the people responsible for the fraud to prison instead of using a wrecking ball approach to justice?

Comment Re:Stupid Humans and Trash Management (Score 1) 112

I'd prefer it if they'd figure who the shitbird is who keeps dumping trash in the glass recycling bin and deal with him directly.

I mean for fuck's sake, the glass bin is *right next to* the the goddamned trash bin.

I can almost understand the laziness that keep people from sorting thier trash and recyclables, but for the love of Cthulhu, if you're not going to, at least put your goddamned trash in the trash bin so that the rest of us don't have to suffer your stupidity. Seriously, I'm about the laziest person in the world, and even I manage to sort my shit into the correct bin.

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