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Comment Re:Interesting CTo cheerleader piece (Score 1) 123

What you do not seem to realize is that there doesn't have to be a vendor lock-in. All machines should be under config management and orchestration if the environment is large enough (ie more than one box). All you need to do to leave a vendor is: 1. Stand up new, mirror infrastructure at vendor B (using tools mentioned above) 2. Replicate/copy data 3. QA/sanity check (although well put together CM will do that for you) 4. Say good-bye to vendor A. On the other hand, if you choose to set up all of your CM/Orchestration to be very vendor specific, you may have some extra work to do to free yourself. AW's CM is basically Chef, but they call it OpsWorks. No miracles there because they're the 9000lbs gorilla.

Comment Re:News for nerds? (Score 1) 468

Apparently a guy with a gun, on a train from Amsterdam (possibly still quite high) == terrorist.
Military guys (regardless of branch) are Marines, if they happen to do something interesting.

A homeless guy with a knife sleeping under a bridge == terrorist
Navy cook == Navy Seal (as long as seen outside of kitchen). ./ is dropping in quality not by day, but by the hour these days. Get a grip @timothy

Comment Re: What would Monderman say? (Score 2) 203


There was never free parking in any downtown area. There were just spaces that the government paid for but couldn't directly monetize. There's plenty of street parking in rural towns - move there if you want to park your car for free.

There were several building removed and space turned into parking lots. Some of these buildings were taken from their rightful owners through the abuse of the imminent domain laws. Some of these ex building owners even won their cases against the city, after their buildings and businesses had already been leveled.

Comment Re: What would Monderman say? (Score 2) 203

I live in San Diego. This is just another example of city officials funneling money to their buddies. It was the same with illegal hi-rise development and some other larger projects. The city is also a partner with ACE Parking corp and has effectively removed all free parking space downtown in exchange for ACE's paid parking and red 'no parking' curb. Bullshizzle.

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