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Journal Journal: A Valentine's Day Joe Job?

One of my email addresses has been bombarded (by which I mean seventy-seven emails so far and counting) with emails telling me of a "Free Day of (service) Premium Starts Now" for a porno site that I never visited before today. When I saw the first 12 this morning I (foolishly, in hindsight, but it was 3AM and something else had woken me up) clicked the "unsubscribe" link to get off (no pun intended) their mailing list. Now 60+ emails later and they are still sending me the exact same

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 338

It's a shame the term is so meaningless that you probably believe it as strongly as someone who believes that you are an SJW (after all, you advocate for transgender people) believes that you are one too.

Be honest: it's a meaningless term, usually applied by anyone who feels uncomfortable about their own racism or sexism (or other prejudices), applied to anyone who made them uncomfortable in any way. If I say "Isn't it a shame the average, well qualified, woman is going to have to fight harder than the average, average qualified, man to get and hold on to a job in IT", it's a simple observation, but I'll get labelled an SJW as a result.

And you? Well, you personally might not. I don't know. You know I'm fairly left wing, and sympathetic to the plight of minorities, but I'm also happy to say when I think people are unfairly demonized, such as Pax Dickinson or the parents of Leelah Alcorn (and to a certain extent you and I had disagreements on the latter, which doesn't surprise me.)

So, given that, what's the point of using the term? Is it used, in practice, for any real life use other than shutting down debate? "OMG! This person suggested I might have certain advantages in life that aren't available to black people, let's call him an SJW and then nobody will take him seriously!"

'cos that's how I see it used. It might, once, by some people, have been used to denote a particular type of over-zealous and highly obnoxious troll who used social justice issues as their weapon, but it doesn't today, and when you use it on Slashdot, you use it in an environment where virtually nobody is referring to those trolls. You're using it in an environment in which it'll be read, and understood, as referring to feminists, civil rights activists, LGB(T*) activists, and, transgender activists, regardless of whether they're hysterical, or just do passive, entirely optional, advocacy, say, in the forms of videos explaining carefully how they feel movies or video games could be improved so that they're not unintentionally a problem for many women.

Comment Re:Here's hoping (Score 1) 28

Well, I'm not in it for the money either, I'm comfortably retired. All of my books are posted on my web site in multiple formats, and the physical copies are so cheap I usually lose money on them. And the first one was by reader requests when I was posting the "paxil diaries" at k5 after my divorce.

Rather than selling my place, the mortgage company stole it. The Illinois Attorney General sued them, I got $1200 for being defrauded out of my home. Most of my family and my oldest friends live in the St Louis area, now that I'm retired the only thing keeping me in Springfield is my oldest daughter lives here.

Yes, you can go to the top of the arch. I did, when it was brand new. I remember watching it be built. Back in the early 1960s it was like a trip inside a science fiction book.

Comment Re:After Bork (Score 1) 10

Yes, but why do the republicans want to wait for Hillary to make the next appointment

Because in their war on reality, they have convinced themselves that they can win the presidential election this year. Even if they pull out all their illegal tricks they still don't have much of a chance with any of the candidates they have rolled out so far. They don't want Hillary to make the next appointment, and they believe that they can win the appointment back to their side if they bring productivity to zero for the next 12+ months.

If Obama does wait, it will be because the DNC asks him to

I don't expect he would wait, even if the party wanted him to. At least, he wouldn't wait by not offering a nominee. He might offer up a nominee that he knows has no chance, just to kick the can down the road... which would need to him being nominated himself in 2017 by the next POTUS.


The other interesting exception to reality that smitty is laying out is that Bork died in 2012. Hence if he had made it to the bench and died in 2012, Obama would have placed his replacement as well.

Comment Re:Race politics (Score 1) 10

Left of center? There is no left of center left in this country (with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders). President Lawnchair is demonstrably right-of-center, and up to this point has shown himself by action to be the most conservative president in the history of our country. I'm not sure if he even knows anyone who is left-of-center any more.

Indeed though this is a no-win situation for the GOP. They either have to approve someone who Obama nominates, or they lose the 2016 election badly and end up with Obama himself being confirmed to the bench under a Clinton administration. I never would have expected before that Scalia would himself destroy the GOP but it appears to be the case.

Comment Re: More and more cores? (Score 1) 107

At the _top_, forget algorithms. Hopefully your _application_ is big/complex enough to break into many processes, and then some of those process' algorithms are easily threadable. (And the fact that you keep wanting more speed might sometimes be a hint that you apps _are_ getting bigger and more complex.)

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