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Comment: Re:Looking to move off of iTunes (Score 1) 217 217

Not a mac user myself, but I use Quod Libet on both Linux and Windows for my 621 album collection of FLACs, and there's a mac version as well. It's written in Python using GStreamer for the audio support, so I suppose file support depends on what GStreamer can play on your platform. I'm pretty happy with its tagging support, it will bulk-tag selected files and can move/rename files if you want, great for when the track database gave the ripper "Sound Track CD 1" and "OST Disc II" (musicbrainz is just as shit at consistency as freedb).

Comment: Re:Hint: (Score 1) 20 20

If you are trying to make a claim that I wrote that comment to talk about myself,

Speaks for itself, does it not?

Trying to make the claim? Yes, you are trying to make such a claim. Just as you can try to make a claim that President Lawnchair is a closet Islamist Reptoid Socialist Fascist Anarchist Atheist Illuminati poised to take over the world before I hit "submit". You have made equally awful cases for both claims.

And that was the moderation information shown. I interacted at the format level.

I agree that there is plenty wrong with the way that slashdot displays this information. I am merely pointing out its degree of incompleteness in this case. You can, if you so wish, opt for slightly less incomplete data from slashdot on it. Or you can just let them cherry pick it for you and see what you get.

The choice is yours.

Comment: Re:Hint: (Score 1) 20 20

So you're saying that http://slashdot.org/comments.p... up the page didn't happen?

If you are trying to make a claim that I wrote that comment to talk about myself, then it appears you are doing more to further my claim - of you seeing what you want to see, regardless of what is actually in front of you - than your own.

Oh, and it's currently:
Moderation +1
30% Underrated
20% Flamebait
20% Overrated

What you are showing is an incomplete picture of the moderation (a result of how poorly slashdot displays such things). We know it was already moderated up more than once. Those three numbers don't only not add up to the complete moderation history of the comment, they don't even add up to 100%.

Granted, slashdot has a weird insistence on showing the moderations as percentages, rounded to 10% increments - which makes pretty well no sense - and they end up not listing all the moderations as well. If you have slashdot sent to send you messages regarding moderation of your comments, it will give you a much more complete picture.

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Journal: what I want in my next car 1 1

Remember the motorized retracting radio antenna option that some cars had back in the 70's/80's? Well I want something like that, only on the driver's side of the car. And I want it to be a pipe with an elbow that can be raised like a submarine periscope. Only instead of lenses, I want it to be hollow. And instead of being an air intake like those snorkels on Hummers and Jeeps, I want it to be connected to the exhaust system and have a valve that can be actuated from a control in the cabin

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