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Comment IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 1) 75

This has always been a severe issue with specific hardware produced by companies that aren't technology focused (and even some that are). These little debugging/service backdoors worked when there wasn't a vast resource of easy information sharing - and the device wasn't able to be accessed from anywhere. One day these product engineers will figure that out - maybe.

Submission + - Amazon to Offer Sneakernet Services

blueshift_1 writes: If you have 50TB of data that you'd like to put on the S3 cloud, Amazon is releasing Snowball. It's basically a large grey box full of hard drives that Amazon will mail to you. Simply upload your files and mail it back — they will upload it for you. For $200 + shipping, it's at a pretty reasonable price point if you're tired of hosting your data and want to try and push that to AWS.

Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway. -Tanenbaum, Andrew S.

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