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Comment For the Hardcore Apple Fanboys. (Score 1) 279

It's what carries do anyway with subsidized phone. You get the phone for cheaper, but pay the carrier in the long run for well over the cost of the subsidy. But lets just take a look at who this is targeting - people who want the latest iPhone every year. For ~$35 for 12 months is $420. So you save a couple hundred dollars if you were to buy it every year if you just have to have the latest and greatest. This isn't for the people on the 2 year cycle who would end up paying more in the long run.

What it comes down to is that the hardcore users always pay more - but now this is a way to pay just a bit less. And maybe convince people on the fence to do the same.

Comment The world needs a little more understanding (Score 1) 365

I feel like greater understanding is never a bad thing. Many of these people who start programming, won't ever get around to making a full production application or piece of software. But through experience, they hopefully will come to understand how their technology works. At this moment, we are raising a generation of techies who are just users - but have no inclination of how the tools that drive their lives function on the most basic of levels. Understanding how security work in this day and age is incredibly important.

Comment What we want, what we really, really want. (Score 1) 134

We want everything with bigger screens - but not that much bigger. We want everything lighter - but not that much lighter. Sometimes companies tend to focus on what the consumer says they want - instead of trying to figure out what they really want. Let's face it, we are generally terrible at knowing what we want.

Comment The meat of the issue (Score 4, Insightful) 194

It's always comes down to the same thing. If you want people to get your product, make a damn good product. Some things will naturally be a fad, but will fade away. Lasting revenue is based on making something people actually want/need. For so long, many networks have been shoveling our crap content - now that there are ways to view exactly what you want, they have the incentive to make something you really want.

Comment Re:Quiet? (Score 1) 558

I've always felt that it's important for a computer to make noise - it means things are working and staying at a reasonable temperature. There are two real options - get something that is low power usage that it can be passively cooled (like a raspberry pi or netbook) or put the computer just in a different place. and run cables to/from your desk. Or you could just get a mechanical keyboard and then you want hear it at all!

Comment A sort of oldie but goodie (Score 1) 558

My setup is a few years old, but still does everything from gaming to coding to a couple VMs CPU: AMD Phenom II (the hex one) RAM: 16GB GPU(s): 2 Radeon 6950s in crossfire HDD/SSD: 128GB SSD for OS and core applications, 2TB for software/VMs, 4TB for General File Storage Oh and I I'm watercooling the GPUs and CPU. I don't OC as much as I used to - but it was a fun project to play around with. And I've had a great life around it. I think I built this around 2010/2011 and I've yet to have any issues with it. My only regret is going with a mid size case sense I was going back and forth to University. I would definitely move to a full size case for my next build... or maybe just go straight for a rack.

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