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Comment: More of a proof of concept. (Score 1) 81

by blueshift_1 (#48462391) Attached to: A Toolbox That Helps Keep You From Losing Tools (Video)
In essence, it's just inventory control. There are quite a few companies that make systems like this (my company uses a few for small tooling parts). I see this being relevant for small fab shops or similar who don't have the capital to invest in the larger, more unified system - but still have an issue with misplaced tools. So they make DIY system using a prototype board and some basic sensors. In the end, this is a very basic prototype that is more of a proof of concept than a practical prototype. And definitely using a bunch of tablets could be a hassle in many places (though I'm sure Intel has them sort of just lying about for everyone). So a badge RFID/barcode scan or keypad would probably do nicely for entry and some sort of automatic unlocking/locking mechanism is naturally required. Also, I could definitely fool some silly little optical sensor with dark tape or a small piece of paper - so I think in the long run, you'd have to improve on that. But all in all, it's a clever little solution.

Comment: Hindsight, Hindsight, Hindsight. (Score 1) 178

by blueshift_1 (#48458285) Attached to: Cameron Accuses Internet Companies Of Giving Terrorists Safe Haven
In the end, this is just trying to blame hindsight. "Now that [insert horric event] has occured, we've found evidence that [insert person doing horrific event] was doing things that now appear obvioius that he would do terrible things." However, just because people want to do horrible things, it doesn't make them a criminal. If we were punished for every malicious thought we had, then many people would never see the light of day again.

Comment: For the novelty! (Score 1) 152

by blueshift_1 (#48450049) Attached to: NASA Offering Contracts To Encourage Asteroid Mining
Anything obtained will be overpriced and just a general novelty for quite a few years. I could see asteroid mining to be relevant for rare-metals once we improve the cost-effectiveness of venturing into space. But for now, the price point is just too high. And what are these "companies" even doing in the meantime? Hmmm...

Comment: If she likes it, stick with it (Score 1) 107

You could continue to use minecraft to teach her to servers work as well as use eclipse to create server plugins and use APIs. I mean I'm all about riding the train of what people are already interested in. And Java skills are pretty applicable to a variety of languages. Naturally MC servers can have... questionable people on them, but I'm sure she could make a server with friends (and just whitelist). It could be a really interesting project for sure!

Comment: Re:Overdue (Score 1) 136

by blueshift_1 (#48358899) Attached to: Apple Releases iMessage Deregistration Utility
The issue is when it sends a message to a person who was formerly iOS, but has since moved to android. It default to attempt to iMessage, however it doesn't truly fault out so that it then sends a text message. They just sit out on the apple iMessage servers. The only real work around was to constantly turn iMessage off, send message, turn iMessage back on. Just a hassle.

Comment: Tsk tsk. (Score 4, Interesting) 231

by blueshift_1 (#48353083) Attached to: Canadian Police Recommend Ending Anonymity On the Internet
I feel like the drivers and marriage licenses are not that relevant here. A drivers license is mainly used to show that are at least reasonably competant drivers (though we all know that doesn't mean that much) and a marriage license is more of a way to formalize the legal agreement so that you can file taxes and whatnot as married. The internet is a tool of communication and you can definitely use a pay phone, send a letter, or even buy cellphone without a license of any sort. Just have the cash and pay for the service. Just looking for the easy button on determining who did what on the internet.

and on a side note, the US uses marriage licenses/laws (in some states) to limit who can get it. Imagine the damage this could cause with the government limited who could use the internet... like dangling fruit over our head to make sure were good little kiddies and never did anything bad on the net.

Comment: Interesting (Score 1) 183

by blueshift_1 (#48336935) Attached to: Blizzard Announces Overwatch, a First-Person Shooter
It definitely has a TF2 look (and absolutely some copied aspects), though I also see some almsot LOL style strategy play (assuming the balance it properly). I agree the gameplay trailer made most characters seem a bit overpowered, but it was made in a way that is more like a trailer than actual game play. I'm intrigued but certainly not sold. I'd like to see how they plan to allow match development. All in all, it looks nice, and if blizzard can get the mechanics solid it could be a very interesting game.

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