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Comment Re:Radio-controlled racing... (Score 1) 91

Well, there's the Red Bull Air Race, with manned planes.

The real reason quadcopters are so much more popular than planes/helis for FPV racing is not ease of control, it'and that they're so much cheaper+easier to repair after crashes. Planes have fragile wings and control surfaces, Helis have lots of moving parts that need careful setup/tuning to fly well. But quadcopters... if you've got a small quad with a tough 'racing style' frame, most crashes will just break cheap and easily replaceable propellers.

Comment Re:Drones and Cars and Guns (Score 1) 151

Requiring insurance to own a gun might not be a terrible idea for dealing with America's gun problem... with costs scaling like cars - lower premiums for less powerful/lower capacity models, especially if kept in a secure gun cabinet. Higher premiums for types of gun more likely to be involved in crime or accidents.

Mandatory Insurance for small model aircraft?... well, there's a risk of injury or property damage, but is it really any higher than the risk from a bicycle or skateboard? - All could kill in the case of a very unlucky accident, but the chances of more than minor injuries or property damage is very low.

A lot of model aircraft enthusiasts (via their clubs) already have some level of insurance, at least when flying at club fields. Traditional model aircraft - fairly large planes and helis - have been rather more dangerous than the small electric models that are popular these days, so safety has been taken very seriously by most people involved in the hobby.

Comment Re:Apple: Common App Rejections - Misleading Users (Score 1) 540

Not sure what Apple's current limit on a single in-app purchase is, but I thought it was $99.99. I've not seen an F2P game with a larger in-app purchases than that, and many don't go that high. So to spend $6k, you'd have to make at least 60 purchases of the highest-priced in-game-currency pack. Either very rapidly after a password had been entered, or with the password entered multiple times, before buying more.

Comment Re:Yknow what else is male dominated? (Score 5, Informative) 373

This woman set up one of the first womens shelters, and founded the charity now known as 'Refuge':

She set out to help female victims of domestic violence, and her work basically turned her into an MRA. She suggested, based on her experiences, that women are equally capable of violence as men - and ended up on the recieving end of death threats... from feminists!

She's now involved with probably the most vocal and controversial men's rights group out there - 'A Voice for Men'

Not exactly your stereotypical neckbeard misogynist keyboard warrior, is she?

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 2, Insightful) 928

Sometimes it's not entirely clear which side is doing the bullying.

Those engaging in very harsh, perhaps aggressive, discussion and criticism within a challenging and highly technical project? Or those trying to force change upon a community/organisation with public shaming and social media activism?

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