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Comment Re:Yknow what else is male dominated? (Score 5, Informative) 373

This woman set up one of the first womens shelters, and founded the charity now known as 'Refuge':

She set out to help female victims of domestic violence, and her work basically turned her into an MRA. She suggested, based on her experiences, that women are equally capable of violence as men - and ended up on the recieving end of death threats... from feminists!

She's now involved with probably the most vocal and controversial men's rights group out there - 'A Voice for Men'

Not exactly your stereotypical neckbeard misogynist keyboard warrior, is she?

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 2, Insightful) 928

Sometimes it's not entirely clear which side is doing the bullying.

Those engaging in very harsh, perhaps aggressive, discussion and criticism within a challenging and highly technical project? Or those trying to force change upon a community/organisation with public shaming and social media activism?

Comment Re:We need better legislation (Score 2) 102

But where do you draw the line between banned 'drones', and, say, Air Hogs toys (lightweight toy-grade RC aircraft)

There's toy quadcopters as light as 11.5g now (Hubsan Q4 Nano) - they're great fun to fly around the living room or office. Do these get banned, too?

What about the 'powered paper airplane' kits? are they now 'drones' too?

Comment Re:not the real question (Score 2) 200

That seems like a bad idea... Even if you can't communicate with critical systems, there could be the possibility of denial-of-service type attacks? And if the system can resist software-based attacks, what about a malicious user killing the network by somehow feeding a high voltage into a passenger-accessible network port?...

Comment Pixel art isn't automatically good art (Score 3, Insightful) 175

There's a lot of really poor pixel art, often being made by young/inexperienced indie devs - too young to have played games on hardware with real palette limitations and real hardware sprites.

You end up with several pixel sizes on screen, rotating pixels(!), super-smooth gradients, and inconsistent use of palettes. And then there's the resolution/scaling problems on top making things look worse. To older gamers/retro game enthusiasts, it can often just look a mess.

Creating good pixel art is hard. Some of the greatest pixel art (e.g. Bitmap Brothers games) came from working with severe limitations, such as 16-color screen modes, which led to some very creative use of palettes and dithering.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 110

The rules for model aircraft were made in the days when big, heavy, dangerous models with IC engines were the only thing you could fly. These days we have sub-20g 'toy-grade' quadcopters and very light foam RC planes powered by small electric motors.

One-size-fits-all rules don't work any more. We need different weight/risk classes. IMHO, the smallest/safest of toys should be pretty much unregulated (max 100g at 100ft altitude, maybe?). Then we've got the medium sized consumer/hobbyist drones (usually under 1kg or so) - which start to pose more of a risk, then there's the higher-end aerial photography rigs (up to 10kg?) - potentially very nasty if it crashes into somebody. And of course, beyond that, we've got much larger military drones, which are more-or-less unmanned full-sized aircraft.

Comment Re:Opcode for this has been around for long (Score 2) 155

Making a laptop/smartphone 'halt and catch fire' is potentialy a real threat. Not by overheating the CPU, but by targeting the battery charging system. Lithium-based batteries can 'explode' (burn very violently) - if mistreated - e.g. overcharged. If the battery charging system has elements of firmware control, that might be a real risk?

Comment Re:Let them drink! (Score 1) 532

But those who die young require less healthcare in their old age.

Old people dying very slowly of 'natural causes' are expensive to look after.

(Pretty sure that smokers at least are actually a net win for the government here in the UK - lots of tobacco tax, less pension paid out when they die younger)

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