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Comment Re: Either the workers of the world unite (Score 1) 343

One huge national company in any industry simply needs fewer support people, customer service people, lawyers, accountants, custodial workers, etc. than the same geographic footprint served by multiple smaller businesses.

That's fundamentally a good thing - less labor is required in order to create the same product, so the world is richer.

The problem is that the resulting wealth is more unevenly distributed. But inequality can be fixed by using a more progressive tax system and providing a social safety net. That is a much more productive approach than trying to preserve redundant jobs.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 577

I have one question for you. How has voting 90% helped blacks get out of places like Chicago and Detroit?

A huge number of blacks have gotten out of those places. That's why the slums are now full of abandoned buildings, and empty lots where other abandoned buildings used to be.

Comment California? (Score 1) 218

California is a strange place to start the hyperloop project. There are two mountain ranges between LA and San Francisco, and the dominant cost of the high-speed rail project is bridges and tunnels to cross the mountain ranges. Hyperloop is designed to go over twice as fast as high-speed rail, which means the curves have to be much more gradual, meaning longer and more expensive tunnels and bridges.

Musk should really think about starting the project in a flatter area, perhaps between Chicago and Dallas, where it really could be cheaper than rail.

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