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Comment: Maybe I'm expecting too much... (Score 1) 812 812

but I'm surprised how low the level of discussion has been here.

Amazon, Google, etc are private companies. They are not the government. They can remove whatever they want and it's not a free speech issue.

Or have these companies reached a level of market dominance where they are like "common carriers", and if they stop selling something for political reasons, it basically means that you can't buy it anywhere and it becomes a sort of free speech issue?

That's the only potentially interesting discussion here - and nobody's having it.

Comment: Another company trashes its most useful product... (Score 1) 116 116

by bluegutang (#49955107) Attached to: Amazon Overhauling Customer Reviews

Good, useful reviews don't appear every day. If a review is 2 years old and hundreds of people have said that it's useful, that's probably because it IS useful.

This change seems designed to turn the review section into a discussion forum where you have to reload every few minutes to participate in the latest discussion. I suppose this is good for Amazon's advertising revenue, but it's bad for customers who want to know what to buy or not to buy.

Comment: Re:No self driving trains? (Score 2, Interesting) 393 393

Self-driving trains exist. Vancouver's subway is self-driving. But installing the self-driving signalling system on existing rail lines is expensive. And unions oppose anything that will decrease the number of railway workers. Since a single union has a monopoly on transit work in each city, they have immense power and get essentially anything that they want.

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