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Comment Music is a parasite (Score 1) 189 189

Music itself is largely a social parasite that feeds on various cognitive triggers for opportunities or rewards. It is much like a masturbation device used to trigger sexual reward mechanisms. At its best, music relieves frustrations.

I only say largely, as music also has social functions, akin to giving a masturbation device as a gift to others, or using a masturbation device in group sessions to further social cohesion. Only coincidentally, music concerts are more popular than "jackathons".

Going further with the analogy, music industry is not very different from porn industry, neither in how it abuses people's primitive reactions, nor in its ruthlesness. And to say that music industry is just as dependent on musicians, like Albini, as porn industry is on porn stars. They are free to do something else, but they choose not to.

Comment Musical Taste can expand. (Score 2) 361 361

Freddie Mercury. Harry Belafonte. Led Zeppelin. Highway Star. Cyndi Loper. Pumped Up Kicks. Tron & Switched-On Bach. The Sons of the Pioneers. Chip Tune. Paranoia. Jimmy Hendrix. The Bobs. The Grateful Dead. R.E.M. Moonlight Sonata. The Disney Electric Parade. The Final Fantasy VI soundtrack. Forever Young. The Hukilau Song. Over the Rainbow, and Make New Friends. Joy of Man's Desiring. Gnarles Barkley.

It seems like every year, I get into more music. I discover things that I never saw in older music (such as The Sons of the Pioneers), and I also like seeing things from my childhood revisited, like with Mesh. I have a hard time finding what I consider to be genuinely "new" music; I always have this sense that I am hearing a mutation or freshening of things that have come before.

Comment Re:As a father with a daughter (Score 1) 950 950

I am a father, and I have a daughter too, which gives me equal ground to respond.

* Who has the most sexually pleasurable and sensitive part of their genitals systematically mutilated at birth? BOYS.
* Who makes up a minority of college students? BOYS.
* Who is expected to sacrifice their life for their country? BOYS and YOUNG MEN -- "infant"-ry indeed.
* Who is expected to pay for the date? MEN.
* Who is expected to make more than their partner, by their partner? MEN.
* Who is always reminded from all sectors of society that, in a sexual-romantic relationship, they are the one who have to provide value through success, earning, providing, career, and disciplined behavior at all times? BOYS and MEN.
* Who is reminded that they have to EARN sexual fulfillment? BOYS and MEN.
* Who often has to PAY to have sex? MEN.
* Who has to pay child support, even if they were underage and sexually abused? BOYS.
* Who is at 10x a risk of physical violence? BOYS and MEN.
* Who is used by society for violence-work, and then criticized condemned and feared for being violent? BOYS.
* Who is given longer and harder prison sentence, for the same exact crime? MEN.
* Who is expected to do grueling grunt work, and "take it like a man"? BOYS and MEN.
* Who is considered to be an existential threat to children? MEN.
* Who is forced to pay child support for unwanted children? MEN.
* Who is denied access to children, even when they're paying child support? MEN.
* Who is not listened to, or even criticized and condemned, when they are feeling emotionally hurt? BOYS and MEN.
** Note the use of the word "whining."
* Who is the victim of roughly 35-50% of unilateral domestic violence, but is most likely to not be supported, oris even taken to jail, should they report it? BOYS and MEN. (Girls are responsible for more than 50% of teenage dating intimate violence.) See http://www.domesticviolenceres... for more information.
* Who is accused of being in a "victim mentality" for angry opposition to the lies of "equality" ..? Sympathy compassion and care for girls and women, grounding threats and punishments for boys, and condemnation and ceaseless criticism and distaste for men.

When I found out that I was having a girl rather than a boy, I cried tears of relief. I wouldn't DARE bring a boy into today's hostile climate, by choice.


Perhaps most importantly: CARE FOR BOYS AND MEN.


How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers 634 634 writes: Lina Nilsson writes in an op-ed piece in the NY Times that she looks with despair at estimates that only about 14 percent of engineers in the work force are women. But there may be a solution to the disparity that is much simpler than targeted recruitment efforts. "An experience here at the University of California, Berkeley, where I teach, suggests that if the content of the work itself is made more societally meaningful, women will enroll in droves," writes Nilsson. "That applies not only to computer engineering but also to more traditional, equally male-dominated fields like mechanical and chemical engineering." Nilsson says that Blum Center for Developing Economies recently began a new program that, without any targeted outreach, achieved 50 percent female enrollment in just one academic year. In the fall of 2014, UC Berkeley began offering a new Ph.D. minor in development engineering for students doing thesis work on solutions for low-income communities. They are designing affordable solutions for clean drinking water, inventing medical diagnostic equipment for neglected tropical diseases and enabling local manufacturing in poor and remote regions.

According to Nilsson, women seem to be drawn to engineering projects that attempt to achieve societal good. She notes that MIT, the University of Minnesota, Penn State, Santa Clara University, Arizona State, and the University of Michigan have programs aimed at reducing global poverty and inequality that have achieved similar results. For example, at Princeton, the student chapter of Engineers Without Borders has an executive board that is nearly 70 percent female, reflecting the overall club composition. "It shows that the key to increasing the number of female engineers may not just be mentorship programs or child care centers, although those are important," concludes Nilsson. "It may be about reframing the goals of engineering research and curriculums to be more relevant to societal needs. It is not just about gender equity — it is about doing better engineering for us all."

Comment Modifications from Esperanto's Ideas (Score 1) 626 626

I have taught myself limited Esperanto, and can tell you: It actually DOES have a lot of unnecessary exceptions.

So I would take the basic ideas of :

* the correlatives -- in fact, make it COMPLETE (i tiam for "now", rather than "nun")
* the agglutination system -- in fact, use it MORE, and think through, carefully, the ontology of each word region -- make it as plane and ordinary as possible: this may take several decades from a team of collaborating resesarchers, but might result in a dramatically easier learning curve
* NO irregular verbs

* the future tense (-os)
* the conditional tense (-us)
* basically, anything that comes from Latin
* , or anything else that doesn't appear on a querty keyboard
* irregular nouns
* the Esperanto dictionary -- some overlap would be fine, but don't just import it (because we want a clean model of agglutinated nouns)

* limited vowel sounds -- constrain vowel sounds to Japanese's "a", "i", "u", "e", and "o" -- and NO syllable emphasis

* European vs. Asian basis -- I really don't think this is the obstacle people think it is.

Comment Consider Artifacts, too (Score 1) 698 698

One of the artifacts that I've held on to, is my granddad's slide rule. He was an engineer, and I've treasured the slide rule.

As a programmer, I can't think of many artifacts I would be able to give to my daughter, or that she would give to her children. I have kept the old Compaq BASICA reference book that I used as a kid, but without moving parts like a sliderule, it doesn't strike me as cool. It seems like everything is virtual and ephemeral in this time of glass touch screens and constantly upgrading software.

None-the-less -- something tangible that doesn't take up too much space, -- that could be really important to her.

Comment Re:That's where Vaadin enters the picture (Score 1) 319 319

You are right, there is usually more chattiness than in apps where more application logic is handled on the client-side. While there's apps where you absolutely want to minimize that, it's not really a problem in many or even most cases, and many apps have bigger considerations. One big problem in pure client-side coding is that you'll expose more application logic to the client-side, where anyone can snoop it, and need to be more careful with security issues.

You can also do client-side coding much to the extent that you need in Vaadin apps, by implementing complex components or entire views in GWT or JavaScript code, and then just syncronizing the changes as you like. That's actually what you need to do if you want to enable offline mode in Vaadin TouchKit apps.

I wouldn't quite say mouse events, as that includes low-level events such as mouse move events. Vaadin usually sends somewhat higher-level events, such as clicks on button components (not all buttons) and selection changes. You can lessen those by setting components as non-immediate. Sure, there's one case in drag-and-drop handling where even mouse move events can be sent.

Comment That's where Vaadin enters the picture (Score 1) 319 319

Instead of writing JS both on client and server, the Node.js approach, you can write Java on both - that's how Vaadin Framework approaches web applications, by using GWT Java-to-JavaScript compiler for the client-side part. And usually you don't need to write ANY client code, and all client-server communications are completely invisible. You're just writing a UI in Java and can forget most of the client-side peculiarities.

Vaadin is also pretty flexible and allows mixing the approaches to a great extent, allowing JavaScript client-side widgets and other JS integration. You're also free to use other languages than Java for many client-server tasks, such as for REST services.

Not to mention that you can just as well use Scala and such for the server-side.


WA Bill Takes Aim at Boys' Dominance In Computer Classes 779 779

theodp writes Boys' over-representation in K-12 computer classes has perplexed educators for 30+ years. Now, following on the heels of's and Google's attempts to change the game with boys-don't-count gender-based CS teacher funding schemes, Washington State lawmakers have introduced House Bill 1813, legislation that requires schools seeking K-12 computer education funding to commit to preventing boys from ruling the computer class roost. Computer science and education grant recipients, HB 1813 explains, "must demonstrate engaged and committed leadership in support of introducing historically underrepresented students [including girls, low-income students, and minority students]" and "demonstrate a plan to engage historically underrepresented students with computer science." Calling it "a bold new bill that we hope more states will follow," corporate and tech billionaire-backed tweeted its support for the bill.

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it. -- Perlis's Programming Proverb #58, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982