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Comment: My HTML5 animation efforts (Score 1) 541

by bluebox_rob (#28064433) Attached to: HTML 5 As a Viable Alternative To Flash?
I've been experimenting a lot with the HTML5 <canvas> tag recently, and you can do some nice stuff - these are all pretty basic but using just HTML and JS I built a freaky clock, a 60s style UFO party viewed from above and some wireframe boxes. It was all quite painless, the only problem is that IE doesnt support it yet.

Comment: Re:SPAM @ 95%?! (Score 1) 270

by bluebox_rob (#21023011) Attached to: Spam Hits 95% of All Email

I get the odd spam in my inbox but it mostly works, there is the odd false positive as well, so unfortunately I have to keep checking my Spam folder.

Interestingly, I set up a 'junk' GMail address for usenet posting etc and the address has the word 'spam' in it; despite being used all over the net for a couple of years it hardly gets any spam at all, maybe the spammers filter out addresses with 'spam' etc in them assuming that they are obfuscated?

Operating Systems

+ - ASK Slashdot: Which Linux Flavor for Servers 1

Submitted by BrownBag
BrownBag (1145455) writes "First off, I'm a linux noob. My buddies and I are currently running our website on a webhost's Linux server. We've got the "AMP" part of LAMP down pretty good, and are now looking to colocate our own server running Linux. We are looking for a Linux distro that can scale well for multiple server growth (future), is rock solid, and configures well with memcache, load balancer, firewall etc. A free distro would be ideal, but if the Slashdot community recommends a Linux distro that is not free, that is fine as well, since our minds are open to grow with the right distro. I've done some searching on linux, but that is not yielding the fruit I am looking for. Our first goal would be to run it (learn it) as a localhost and configure it with Plesk or similar, to get ready for the real thing."

+ - Learning Assembly programming

Submitted by
intelinsight writes "How relevant or useful is it to learn Assembly programming language in the current era? Consider this question in the lieu of the current s/w development needs and also the claims of the Assembly lovers for it being a language giving one insights of the internal working of a computer."

+ - Interview - James Gosling, father of Java

Submitted by Minaloush
Minaloush (666) writes "Interesting Q&A with Sun's James Gosling on silicon.com. The father of Java field questions on the GPL, security, the role of Java in the enterprise — and even reveals his — albeit limited — views on Windows Vista ("I tend to stay away from Microsoft [software] because it tends to be so toxic").

From the article:
If you come up with a good software development tool, that makes life easier for the developers and they can get their job done quicker, then the first thing the manager says is 'oh you've got free time on your hands. Do this extra thing'."
The Internet

+ - X/HTML 5 Versus XHTML 2

Submitted by
Vlad Alexander
Vlad Alexander writes "The competition to become the next markup language for the Web is heating up. The article X/HTML 5 Versus XHTML 2 focuses on the two specifications vying to become the successor to HTML 4.x and XHTML 1.x, and looks at what's cool and what's uncool about these two competing technologies.The emergence of XHTML 2 and, latterly, of HTML 5, is in response to the need to meet user demand for rich Web-based applications, the need to generate better search results, and requirements to make the Web more accessible to people of all abilities and using all types of devices. XHTML 2 and HTML 5 essentially take different approaches to these issues, and each will have different impacts on the future development of markup languages."

+ - What are my best IT certificate possibilities?

Submitted by
DSLAM writes "Which certification would be in most demand (and therefore more lucrative) in the IT market for the foreseeable future? I was looking at different certifications from Cisco, and Microsoft and also various Linux ones. I'm more interested in the networking aspect but I'm also open to all suggestions. About me: I'm 38, male, Uni graduate in Psch, married, no kids but hope to in the next year or two, wife is preparing for med school, I do freelance video editing. I spend hours messing around with my computers, running Suse Linux, Windows and Mac at home. No other computer expertise beyond basic home networking, and getting my torrents working with no NAT blockage. So I wanna go further but I want to make sure I invest my time in something that will be financially worth it. Just how hard is it? How long does the preparation take for the different certs?"
Operating Systems

+ - Google hosts talks for Haiku project.

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Google has recently been playing host to presentations by Haiku Inc. (the not-for-profit corporation working on an open-source, MIT-licensed operating system based on BeOS), and yesterday was thier final talk, held at the Googleplex in Mountain View. Among guests were former Be Inc. CEO Jean Louis Gassée and other former Be engineers. Could this show Google's interest in Haiku as their much talked about GoogleOS ?"

+ - Short proof of the four color theorem?

Submitted by easyEmu
easyEmu (977903) writes "Today a mathematics paper http://arxiv.org/math.GM/0702261 claiming to be a short theoretic proof of the four color theorem appeared on the arxiv. Such papers appear on the arxiv about once every three months by non-mathematicians who are quacks. According to other papers under this latest author's name, Yanyou Qiao has collaborated with other mathematicians, one of whom I know is very respected in his field of research. Could this be the long awaited arrival of a simple proof, in this case eight pages, of the famous four color theorem, or simply another attempt with a fatal flaw?"

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