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Comment: Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 479

Fund a Basic income at zero cost, through the Fed. Indexation eliminates any potential inflation tax.

Businesses can decrease wages as much as they like, automate, outsource, etc. without worrying about harming the General Welfare. Why would unexpected, runaway inflation occur?

But as a hedge against potential price-gouging, index everything (incomes, savings, everything) to inflation so that purchasing power does not decrease.

Hold lots of challenges to stimulate individuals (on a basic income, or not) to innovate. Business can further reduce costs by crowdsourcing innovation. Again, why would inflation occur? Simply create the $6 trillion or so per year for a basic income.

Comment: Re: RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 2) 479

Deficit spending is how the private sector thrives. Government can and should create money to provide for the General Welfare in the form of a Basic Income. You are still free not to opt in, and to conduct your finances as you see fit; but there is no reason to force everyone else to conform to your feudal economics.

Comment: Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 5, Interesting) 479

Debt is a distraction. The country's had a debt since the very first administration, and conservatives have been predicting imminent doom and gloom every year. Except it hasn't happened, each generation's standard of living increases, grandkids are better off than their grandparents. Reagan proved deficits don't matter, after campaigning against Carter's $68 billion deficit then raising that by a factor of four.

The private sector thrives on debt and money creation. Government should too. If government spends money financed at zero cost through the Fed to improve the General Welfare, why would unexpected, runaway inflation occur? But as a hedge, index all incomes to inflation to eliminate any inflation tax. Indexation guarantees purchasing power does not decrease.

In conclusion, Rand Paul's economics are feudal, archaic. We can and should spend more on social services, such as a Basic Income.

Comment: Re:Boo Hoo (Score 1) 190

by blue trane (#49642919) Attached to: No Justice For Victims of Identity Theft

Banks are fully hedged. When Goldman Sachs stood to lose a few billions because AIG was the victim of a groupthink market panic so they couldn't roll over their loans, the Fed stepped in to reimburse Goldman Sachs. And AIG is still around, I see their upbeat commercials on TV all the time. So who really lost money? Money was created. The private sector creates tens, or hundreds, of trillions of dollars a year.

Comment: Re:The system is F'd up, but your not the real vic (Score 1) 190

by blue trane (#49642783) Attached to: No Justice For Victims of Identity Theft

Are you sure that Apple suffered a loss in this case? I really doubt they were charged back. The companies are all insured, and the insurers reinsure to hedge. Basically money is created to cover the losses. Shh though, don't tell the Quantity Theory of Money people, their heads will explode.

Comment: Re: I had this happen to me several years ago (Score 1) 190

by blue trane (#49642739) Attached to: No Justice For Victims of Identity Theft

It should be the same for shoplifting. Why kill someone like Michael Brown for some cigars? Insure the loss and reinsure the insurer so they're hedged. Money is created to cover the loss, no taxes needed.

Use zero-cost funding through the Fed to give Brown a basic income so he doesn't have to steal.

Comment: Re:Boo Hoo (Score 1, Insightful) 190

by blue trane (#49642687) Attached to: No Justice For Victims of Identity Theft

The companies are hedged, I bet. Insured. I bet no one loses any money. The insurance companies reinsure and profit no matter what happens.

Why even prosecute shoplifters? Physical stores should get the same kind of insurance.

Michael Brown should have been let off, not even chased. No one loses money because the finance industry creates money out of thin air to cover all losses.

Comment: Intrusive ads (Score 1) 61

by blue trane (#49626683) Attached to: Mysterious Sounds Recorded During Near Space Balloon Flight

Couldn't sit through them, couldn't skip them. Is this what science has come to? "Newton's laws ... brought to you by Fig Newtons!" Why is all the money in the hands of the private sector, so they have to annoy you by forcing you to watch a full 30-second ad? If their product was really good wouldn't word-of-mouth suffice?

Comment: Re:This again? (Score 1) 480

by blue trane (#49596887) Attached to: New Test Supports NASA's Controversial EM Drive

"When somebody sounds like a total fucking crackpot, they almost always are."

Aristarchus of Samos sounded like a total fucking crackpot, and if you had called him out your prediction would have been right - for a couple millennia.

What if instead of taking your attitude, the Greeks had devoted their energy to developing better sensors to test Aristarchus's claims about the parallax motion of the stars? Instead of sitting around calling him a crackpot, we could have had an accepted heliocentric model of the solar system some 1800 years before Copernicus.

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