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Comment Temple Grandin is a tool of the meat industry. (Score -1, Troll) 36

She thinks she knows more than she does about how animals communicate. She thinks animals think in pictures because she does. She's ignorant. Birds for example have clear panic cries and calls for themselves, their own names. Cows communicate with their ears, and it's not about pictures. Temple Grandin is a self-aggrandizing attention whore. "Look at me! I'm autistiic!"

Comment Re:What they really said (Score 2) 93

Your type has been saying the same thing for decades, centuries: inflation will explode! The Swiss franc will become the world's reserve currency! Except the dollar's stronger now, even after the Fed created trillions upon trillions out of thin air. And the Swiss are charging negative interest rates precisely because they don't want to be the reserve currency. When you become the world's reserve currency you lose control over the money supply. The Fed for example can't control the supply of Eurodollars.

The world's capital supplies are getting very close to a quadrillion US dollars. The Fed can create enough money to pay off the US debt, and it will be such a minute fraction of the total money supply that it won't cause a blip on inflation.

In conclusion, you don't know jack about what you're talking about, and your ilk have been predicting imminent doom and gloom for the US dollar because of the national debt since the very first US administration. It's like Chicken Little screaming about the sky falling. No one's paying attention anymore.

Comment Re:Banks vs Manchester. Law, no. Indexes by publis (Score 1) 292

State legislatures use gerrymandering and voter restrictions to influence House seats and state government elections. Statewide senate elections are practically the only place an individual can express his vote without the state government diluting it to suit their purposes.

Comment Re:Your videos defending the meat industry (Score 1) 131

Pandas choose vegetarianism, despite having the digestive system of carnivores.

Grandin's work is like getting the Ku Klux Klan to tell their lynch victims they're going to be in a one-legged race so they'll be compliant to tying them up before the lynching. She's fully sold out to the meat industry. I'm just curious what her price was?

Comment Re:Why don't other animals have "social justice"? (Score 1) 131

Here's an observation: give cows and chickens a choice of whether to go to the slaughterhouse or not. Let them see where they're going and hear the cries of the animals slaughtered before them. If they choose to continue to slaughter, then you can eat them. If any of them bolt and try to get away, you can't eat them.

Comment Your videos defending the meat industry (Score 1) 131

I've watched a video you made defending the cattle ranching industry and the process by which cows are slaughtered. How much is the meat industry paying you, and how can I be sure you're telling the truth?

Do you think cows would choose to be slaughtered if given a preference test? Why do you think it is right for humans to eat animals?

Comment There is something wrong (Score 1) 327

There is something wrong with an economy that prioritizes advertising over production. There is so much production capacity that advertising has to absorb excess profits to capture market share from a shrinking group of consumers with enough disposable income. Instead, create money and transfer it to individuals in the form of a Basic income. Stimulate innovation with challenges. Put the basic income financing on the Fed's balance sheet, so there is zero cost to taxpayers. Index all incomes to inflation, with the Fed providing the adjustments, so purchasing power remains constant.

Fear is the greatest salesman. -- Robert Klein