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Comment: Re:amazon (Score 1) 147

by bloodninja (#43380095) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux Friendly Video Streaming?

That's nonsense. It's just Flash. Linux has no more trouble with it than any other platform. That includes all of the usual complaints about performance and crashing.

Nope, here is the service:

And here is the message I got when I tried to access it in the latest Chrome on Kubuntu:

If you're using the Chrome browser with Linux, you must disable PPAPI to continue using Amazon Instant Video. You can also use a different Web browser, like Firefox. hundreds of other compatible devices.

Comment: Re:Revoking Credentials is a Bitch (Score 1) 113

by bloodninja (#39658957) Attached to: Japanese ATMs To Use Palm Readers In Place of Cash Cards

In the end, whether it's a new card or a new PIN, it's all just numbers you're changing around. The only difference is the number of numbers. So maybe if PINs were 16 digits long instead of 4...

Then it is a password, not a PIN. PINs are not passwords, they are Personal Identification Numbers. One would think that they should then be unique, but of course at 9999 combinations (and personally set) they aren't.

I am aware that in practice PINs are used as passwords, but they were not designed for that.

Comment: Re:Hmm... (Score 2) 129

by bloodninja (#39631087) Attached to: AOL Patent Deal Means Microsoft Now Holds Vestiges of Netscape

Does this mean that some hybrid of IE/Netscrape will be created? That could be either very interesting or very scary.

Netscape 7 (or was it 8) could already use the Trident rendering engine on Windows, the same engine that powers Internet Explorer. It was a runtime user option, and could be switched on the fly.

Comment: Re:Holy crap this is old. (Score 1) 361

by bloodninja (#32122878) Attached to: AMD Undercuts Intel With Six-Core Phenom IIs

There is another good reason to buy AMD: competition. Just think of what would happen to the computer industry if hardware were dominated by a single vendor (much as software is today). If you think that Microsoft is Teh Evil with it's stranglehold on software, a stranglehold on hardware would be much worse.

Always buy from the underdog.

Comment: Re:Uh (Score 1) 90

by bloodninja (#31424590) Attached to: Puzzle In xkcd Book Finally Cracked

These are comics with computer science / math / physics jokes..

Furhtermore, and TFS should have stated this, there already was an XKCD incident when a latitude and longitude plus a date and time were posted in a comic. A party "spontaniously" broke out at that day and location, with Randall there. So, this is obviously an invitation to another party.

Comment: Re:Dumb question time (Score 1) 104

by bloodninja (#31169310) Attached to: Extreme Close-Up of Mars's Moon Phobos

It would be safe to assume that the moons help to stabilize Mars' rotation around it's own axis. Phobos has an associated tidal bulge on Mars itself, I don't know about Deimos. Without these moons, Mars' geographic pole axis would wander around the celestial sphere. That means that the geographic poles would be in the same place on Mars, but the "north star" would change every so often. Be aware that this happens on Earth, too, in a 24000 year cycle.

Comment: Re:To whoever tagged story as uk (Score 1) 157

by bloodninja (#29338697) Attached to: Irish Astronomers Investigate Sky Explosion

Learn geography. Ireland in not in the UK, Northern Ireland is, but the Republic of Ireland isn't.

There is no political entity called the Republic of Ireland. The phrase "the Republic of Ireland" is the official description of the political entity called "Ireland" which makes up 80% of the island called "Ireland"

Comment: Re:Sign me up... (Score 2, Interesting) 681

by bloodninja (#29329319) Attached to: Microsoft Attacks Linux With Retail-Training Talking Points

Where did you get the Skype v4l script from? Please share!

I have been fighting with Phillips, MSI, and Logitech webcams and can get none to work, even in the latest Kubuntu (9.04). And of course I have to explain to family members who want to see my daughters online that they still cannot, and when they ask why not I have to mumble some excuse so _Linux_ does not look bad.

Webcams are interoperability devices and so long as they are not "supported" in Linux, other users will only ever hear the word "Linux" when we are telling them why something does not work.

Comment: Re:Sign me up... (Score 1) 681

by bloodninja (#29329299) Attached to: Microsoft Attacks Linux With Retail-Training Talking Points

So have you written to the hardware manufacturers and expressed interenst in Linux support? Something along the lines of "Does XYZ product work with my preffered OS? If not, which of your products do?". Write to one company a week (I do) and help let the hardware manufacturers know that there even exists a viable Linux market. Don't expect them to magically support a percieved tiny market. Help make that market to be percieved as worth sustaining a product for.

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