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Comment: Re:Chinese ops a great idea, right? (Score 1) 107

by bloodhawk (#48199193) Attached to: China Staging a Nationwide Attack On iCloud and Microsoft Accounts

You are clinging to the past. China has a large and rapidly growing middle class as well as a strong wealthy segment. As to the HK comment, that is just moronic, HK population in its entirety doesn't even equal 1/5th of chinas population that earns over 200k a year.

Comment: Re:Things once thought impossible... (Score 1) 345

by bloodhawk (#48174607) Attached to: The Physics of Why Cold Fusion Isn't Real

It is relevant, he was replying to an ac that made a dumb statement that mechanical problems were thought impossible due to the physics. THEY WEREN'T, they were thought impossible due to the engineering required at the , they did not change how we thought of the underlying physics.

Comment: Re:Why not? When you have kids.. (Score 1) 322

obviously you have never been the victim of libel which can be devastating. My friend lost his entire business over one disgruntled customer who was more than two months overdue on payment for work completed, so he handed the bill over to debt collectors, the person then started a campaign to discredit his business, within a few months the decline in business was enough to send him bankrupt, he lost his business and his house. Sadly for him even libel laws were not enough to save him as while he was easily able to prove the guy was telling lies in court, the guy had no money so he never got a cent of the court victory. without libel laws the damage done to people and businesses would explode, as it is if you are a person with not much to lose you can get away with doing a lot of damage for very little consequences.

Comment: Re:Why not? When you have kids.. (Score 1) 322

free speech has NEVER meant freedom from consequences, it merely means the government will not try to regulate what you say, you are perfectly free to make libelous comments online, just their will potentially be consequences. libel laws do NOT limit freedom of speech.

Comment: Re:That would explain frame rate (Score 1) 338

both PS/4 and Xbone use shared memory architectures. i.e. the memory bandwidth the CPU uses is the same as the GPU, if you pressure CPU memory bandwidth can affect what you can do with the GPU and vice versa, higher resolution equals more bandwidth utilization.

Comment: Re:Some would be well suited. (Score 1) 299

by bloodhawk (#48080297) Attached to: Why Military Personnel Make the Best IT Pros

On the other hand, bad former-military people were cogs in a machine, and don't see past their prescribed task at all.

I don't think that having been military or not really gives much of a sign of how one will work out.

You are bang on the money. We have quite a few ex military here where I work and they range in skills from very good admins to people that have absolutely no ability to problem solve or fix any issue they haven't seen before. On average I would rank the ex military we have as a little below average, if you exclude a few of the total retards who I can't understand how they were employed then they would be about average, no better, no worse than people with other backgrounds.

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