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Comment Nature's Harvest? (Score 1) 156

I'm not positive of the name, but I want to say Nature's Harvest made a white bread that claimed to have 400% more fiber than 100% wheat bread in the 1980s. The way they were doing it was mixing sawdust in with the bread. In the ingredient list, they called it simply 'cellulose'.

I tried it and it tasted pretty much like any other loaf of bread. But once it became semi-public knowledge that there was wood in it, they took it off the market.

Comment Re:he should know better (Score 1) 316

You are speaking only about the 'legal' term "Freedom of Speech". The real issue is much bigger.and has nothing to do with the government in this instance. Or legal issues. It is simply that people in power of the various forms of media can (and in this instance do) impose their belief or lack of it upon others.

You'll only realize it's a problem when they block something you yourself believe strongly about. Not sure what to do about it other than going back to monopoly-busting.

Comment Re:Quicker (Score 1) 488

Maybe you could start by opening your home to a Syrian refugee. People fleeing the "death cult" are precisely the sort of people who could do with your help.

Seems risky. At least one of the terrorists who blew himself up was a Syrian refugee. Maybe instead we should just leave them all together in their home countries until the good guys in their group beat up the bad guys?

Comment Re:India, Kenya, Paris...where next? (Score 1) 965

It's important not to try this too early. You could get caught, sent to prison for 10 years, and THEN the zombie apocalypse happens. And you are stuck without a weapon because you 'jumped the gun' so to speak. So definitely wait until at least two or three zombies appear and try to eat your brain before modifying your gun.

You'll thank me later.

Comment Re:fighting carbon pollution? (Score 1) 369

"I would rather we spent the money on useful construction jobs, like repairing our failing bridges ("

What money? The government was not going to spend any money on the pipeline. Only the private sector was. Are you thinking that now the private sector is going to use that money to rebuild bridges?

Comment Re:bah (Score 1) 208

Good to know! I was under the impression that a catalytic converter removed SOx, but the high temp in it created NOx. I see now that sulfur does get removed, but it destroys the converter in very short order. Thanks for learnin' me a thing or two!

I think you are underestimating the damage NOx does when it reacts away in the air or ocean though. Or your lungs. It becomes extremely acidic in contact with H2O. Anyway, thanks again for the catalytic converter info.

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