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Comment Re:Surrounded? (Score 1) 336

Good Lord, Rob, don't be such a bigot. The real reason they don't want another solar farm is that they don't want their property values to drop any more. It's the same reason John Kerry doesn't want a wind farm on the ocean by his house.

People who consider the South to be nothing but rednecks are no better than people who racistly think all black people are dumb. And just as ignorant.

Comment Our learnings show that users want content that is (Score 1) 197

"Our learnings show that users want content that is relevant, exciting and engaging."

I think that means that users want great fun advertisements. I think it's true. My favorites are the ones about pills for diseases I've never heard of before suggesting I ask my doctor for more information. I never have anything fun to talk to my doctor about, and these are great conversation starters.

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